Top 93 Sacred Geometry Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Take a look around, you’ll discover sacred geometry in more than just churches, temples and monuments. It’s everywhere – from pine cones to diamonds, snowflakes and more.

It is after all, the synchronicity of the universe with mathematical constants; not to mention the blueprint of nature.

From ancient Egypt to Greece and India, mathematical and geometric constraints have long been the center of focus. During the time, sacred geometry was more than just a bunch of peculiar patterns and fascinating codes, it was believed to be education for the soul.

Or in other words, it symbolized consciousness and our profound mystery of awareness. These senses tie into our own inner realm acting as stable structures of order within our lives amid chaos.

Yet, that is only one meaning of many when it comes to sacred geometry. For other ancient scientists these energy patterns were what unified all things as one. They were a representation of the beauty of creation and the universe itself.

Regardless, how you try to crack the code, one thing is true: Scared geometry can be found in the molecules of our own DNA. Perhaps that is why we are so fascinated by these timeless geometric codes. What stories do they hold assuming we can unlock them? For now, all we can do is contemplate and gaze deep into the lines of the universe with wonder.

With that said, I’d like to share with you the top 100 best scared geometry tattoo designs for men below. From the hexagonal cells that today’s honeybees produce to ratios and figures once showcased in architectural stone by the Egyptians, Indians, Greek and Romans. You are sure to be awe-inspired by the incredible ideas and talented line work.

Sacred Geometry Tattoo Ideas

3d Sacred Geometry Circle Tattoo For Men

An effective 3D geometric tattoo alternating color and shade from a base beehive pattern. The key to this tattoo’s cool are the shifts in technique – some of it is in black and gray with fuzzy alt shade highlights while the rest supports a flower tattoo close by with blue wash over the honeycomb. It’s an eclectic piece of body art that is purposely patchwork.

3d Sacred Geometry Fine Line Tattoo For Men

A beautifully executed mix of geometric patterns form a breathtaking sleeve tattoo. There’s great breadth in the artist’s technical mix. The lower half of the tattoo is pure line work in 3D partitioned off by a clean black line. This divider morphs into a sectioned off pentagonal based design of dark gray and black – it splits between two cleverly different cube based motifs. Around this is a clever maze alternating negative space for the passages and gray scale for walls. It’s a tremendously fun arm tattoo displaying fantastic attention to detail.

All Black Sacred Geometry Tattoos For Guys On Legs

This leg tattoo is a geometric hodgepodge that fits almost through sheer forces of will. The central design is a mosaic flower pattern with cube overtones inked in black and gray – it swallows up previous tattoos  and takes them along for the ride. The second part of the pattern is a long line of crisply depicted hollow cubes alternating a brilliant granite effect in darker gray. It snuggles up nice and close to the tile. The connective tissue to the art work is negative space, threading through each element in skillfully executed fashion.  

Arm And Shoulder Sacred Geometry Tattoo For Men

A flowing geometric chest and upper arm tattoo. Like the use of a fat black border line across each section. Flowing negative space gap work makes separate, interesting shapes instead of a solid image. Inside each section are various technical elements such as tribal arrowhead dot work, mandala based patterns and tile effects. These either flow through each part of the tattoo or maintained in only a single area. It’s a smart display of tattooing.

Arm Sleeve Creative Mens Sacred Geometry Tattoos For Men

This sensational wolf tattoo mixes geometric elements with non-traditional shading effects and realism to create a beautiful piece. The artist has done wonderfully overlaying the wolf image with elegant line work shapes and designs. The technical etching – there’s different line works styles, dot work, and hybrid fills employed – allow the stunning beast to dominate through contrasting shade and pattern instead of heavy line imagery and traditional shadow.

Back Of Head And Neck Toroids Sacred Geometry Tattoo For Men

The custom geometric noggin and neck tattoo is rare but the flat top haircut sadly is not. The subject has opted for boldness in line and pattern and for almost confrontational placement of his art. There’s a black single needle mandala transitioning to negative space tiling in gray, tied off by fat black line ending in a large, thick, fuzzed up triangle. Surrounding this triangle at the neck is an effective mosaic done purely with black line stretching up from mid back to the line of separation just below his ears.

Beautiful Scared Geometric Mens Designs Sleeve

A fantastically worked Buddha sleeve tattoo mixing geometry, religion, mandala, and tile design elements. The artist has done an astounding amount of detailed work, even in the previous tattoos. Each element is painstaking in its precise delivery and chosen patterns – there’s no soft fill color or broad shade at all. The mandala radiating out from central Om tattoo is exceptionally built through line, shade, and neg space. The Buddha is cool – he usually is – however the coolest element of this work may be the dazzling single line fine black needle shapes overlaying the deity. They are so clear and crisp that incorporating each into the sleeve was more important than fitting the overall theme.

Bicep Geometric Line Art Sacred Geometry Tattoo For Guys

An interesting, very busy mix of geometry and weird. The mandala is a clever mix of line, dot, and neg space shade. From there, it quickly gets strange with the massive, realistic heart that includes valves, chambers, the lot. It is well etched – dig the web of black line capillaries – and extremely eye catching, but odd when put next to the symbolically harmonious mandala.

Bicep Mens Geometric Sacred Tattoo

This upper arm tattoo is funky geometry and smart design. The technical aspects of the previous work – hybrid dot work shading in a fine blue black – has created opportunity for the new support work to build on. Larger scale hexagons transition from pure dot work though to blue/black line – it’s a killer technical effect – then use an alternative fill triangular image. Given the unfinished bit near the arm pit and irritated skin from a shading gun, it’s likely there will be a few more shade ink done in a finishing session.

Bicep Sacred Geometric Tattoo Designs For Men

This is a stylish upper arm tattoo. The use of sections separated by negative space is effective, allowing the artist to play with a variety of patterns. There is a masterful display of technique in different hashes, dots, and color transitions which show the tattooist’s eye for detail. Particularly enjoy the pressed metal look in the motif nearest the subject. It creates an effect like you find on sports stadium steps and 4WD step panels that help make sure you don’t trip over when the metal’s wet.

Black Work Geometric Male Tattoo Ideas Full Sleeve

Wow. This epic is an almost flawless gray scale arm sleeve and chest combination. It’s hard to find another tattoo this vivid in tones of gray and black. The keys to this brilliant ink are pattern, placement, and unique style of gray scale shade technique. The color and texture created is reminiscent of granite, but mixed with the beauty of marble sensibilities. The placement of each mandala radiates outward in clear, crisp, circles supported by eclectic design pattern fills. Just for fun, the artist finishes off near the shoulder with perfectly delineated gray shade clouds for an artistic ink mic drop.

Blue Ink Sleeve Sacred Geometry Tattoos

A totally killer set of geometric twin sleeves. You can picture the subject rolling into the studio with a swatch of different tile designs under his arm and telling the artist: “I want all of them – in blue/black and gray.” All of the tile patterns are wildly different in direction, shape, or fill technique. The tattooist has perfectly placed each tile where they can be most effective in contrast to the other styles on display, then manipulated shape and scale to further make them stand out. It’s brilliant conceptually and in application.

Blue Square Sacred Geometry Tattoo Styles For Men

This tattoo looks like alternating 3D Jenga towers forming a central, negative space star. Once you grasp the intricacies of geometry and scale the art becomes a fascinating inner forearm tattoo. The towers are excellently conceived – each one the same in style but alternating between crisp black fill and heavy dotwork. It’s an almost magical display of balance and scale.  

Chest Black Work Sacred Geometry Guys Tattoos

This chest and upper arm mandala could be fully finished – it certainly looks cool right now – but it could also be waiting for the finishing touches of black line highlighting. There’s already quite a bit – particularly through the arm section, but the crisscrossing shape over the tile patterned chest looks to need more. There is plenty of scope to finish off the line in fine black needle but also help other elements pop from the skin.

Chest Cool Mens Sacred Geometry Mens Tattoo Inspiration

Now, this is the definition of bad ass geometric style. An almost complete upper body piece meshing every technical tattoo effect (seriously, you can run a checklist: 3D, gray scale shade, dot work, negative space, fine needle black line, tile pattern, mandala, etc…) into a precise display of amazing ink. It’s a showstopping, breathtaking example of quality tattooing, and is art work where the hefty price tag truly doesn’t matter when it’s completed. Conceptually, there’s no weakness either – it’s symmetrically balanced and fits with the subject’s other impressive body art.

Chest Tattoo Sacred Geometry Shapes On Males

The geometric part of this chest piece is epic – corresponding pieces of fine, black ink dot work that grow into mandala tattoos. It’s just the outlined animal’s head that bothers me – looking like a cross between wolf and Tasmanian Devil with a magic symbol on it’s head. Not sure what the subject’s intention is from here, but the piece could do with leaving the nicely defined dot work alone but ramp up shade and fill in the mandala. The animal could be developed either in traditional black and gray or wildly bright neo traditional style to finish the piece off. Not sure it can stay a work of outlines only.

Chest Triangle Hands Circle Tattoo Sacred Geometry Designs For Guys

Okay, this is a mesmerizing, memorable one of a kind tattoo. The central image of a woman engaging her inner eye(s) is an exceptionally well executed, realistic sketch style tattoo. There’s also a fascinating, gelatinous looking DNA strand running horizontally through the piece. It would be interesting to find out the subject’s thoughts and motivation and to fully flesh out the originality of the concept. But, that’s not all of the ink! This full chest tattoo has been filled with a beautiful and intense dot work delivered tile design. The pattern is hypnotic but does manage to help show out the main sketch work in contrast. It’s certainly different to simple fuzzy black background fill. 

Cool Sacred Geometric Designs For Males On Thigh

This hexagon inspired leg tattoo lacks the precise quality of others in this list. It lacks the uniformity in pattern necessary for the most successful geometric tattoos and therefore looks a little haphazard and sloppy – there’s a freehand quality to the black line work and shapes. However, the hint of a mandala in the dot work shading is a nice concept requiring more effective dotwork delivery to really stand out.

Cool Tattoo Geometric Patterns Of Sacred Geometry On Mans Chest

An enjoyable 3D chest tattoo utilizing technical variety and composed application. The central line drawn 3D shape within a shape within a shape is exceptional at drawing the eye – it’s like Iron Man’s core but created with fine black line ink. The shaded black and gray supporting patterns are etched with clarity, and contrast tremendously with the pair of negative space/dotwork blocks on either breast. This is fantastically balanced tattooing.

Diamond Shaped Sacred Geometry Mens Tattoos On Arm

This is a cool, fine black line work tattoo in clever star and diamond patterns. You could argue it’s not straight along the top of the sleeve and as it flows across the chest, however this is just a by product of the way the subject holds his arm in the photo (I checked!). This ink could either stand alone or go extra bold and add pockets of bright color fill in different areas to really kick up the eye catching visuals.

Dot Work Sacred Geometry Male Tattoo Designs On Chest And Neck

Such an epic 3D concept piece. The various elements link together but start within the robe of the seated figure placed an the belly’s center. The technical delivery of this piece is first class, showing tremendous balance in placement through the center of the subject as it moves up from gut to under his throat. It has everything – a variety of different shade techniques, a hectic fine detailed dot work mandala, classic black outline, and craftily applied negative space.  It’s a gold star abstract tattoo.

Forearm Black Inksacred Geometry Tattoo For Men

The funky black line work design inside each hexagon is the highlight of this half sleeve arm tattoo. Each is unique in the way they are etched – giving them a fingerprint vibe. The fine black lines all work together perfectly, then link in the stylish honeycomb delineated by negative space honeycomb. The outer forearm (bottom) part of the tattoo is also well done and features a triangular based mandala joined by intense, flower like tile patterns.

Forearm Guys Art Geometric Tattoo

An Eye of Providence  symbolizing God watching over humanity sits atop this tattoo before breaking off into mandala and geometric Tetris. It’s a stylish tattoo however the three elements don’t seem to be much of a concept match. The eye inside the triangle is a good piece of ink well augmented by clever use of the half moon negative space and spare sun rays. Traditionally in an Eye of Providence the rays blast out of the triangle in multitudes.

Full Back Sacred Geometry Tattoo In Black Ink For Men

This is boss level geometric tattoo stretching across the subject’s entire upper body. There’s so much work and time spent on these art works – mandala, tiles, flowers, circles – you can get lost looking at the depth within each element. It’s a spectacular example of going all in on a concept and creating elaborate, beautiful tattoo art that could hang in any museum.

Geomtric Mens Tattoos Black Work On Upper Arm

The negative space aspect of this ‘reverse’ line work tattoo is great. There’s alt detail in line and pattern creating a cool sense of each shape within the design. But aside from this the piece is let down from a technical standpoint. The fine black outlines lack sharpness and clarity – they look faded and too hastily done when they could look bold and strong instead. This can be fixed easily. The other area needing improvement is the shading. It’s a rather dirty gray that’s not heavy enough to help the neg space pop and is too inconsistent in application. There are two ways to go – heavy up the gray shade (or use a solid gray ink) and add more contrast, or go bright with a vivid alternative fill color against the negative space to send it down a new wave path.

Golden Ratio Tattoo For Men Sleeve

This is another cool tile tasting plate. The top circle looks like a bored but very precise school kid has gone mental with a geometric ruler at the back of trig class. It’s an impressive shape created with painstaking line work (any mistakes and it’s game over when doing straight lines like this). Also like the negative space lined cubes that stand out against the dark flower tiles – a simple contrast but one that pops well.

Guys Chest Sacred Geometry Geometrical Lines Tattoos

Wouldn’t think there are too many elephant skull tattoos with death’s head moths around, let alone the big fellow having his ears still on and looking like butterfly wings. This is a strange art work. Some elements are etched precisely –  the wing sets and background shading – while other bits that should be precise such as the moth’s body and central triangular eye look freehand and sloppy. Will be interesting to see if the subject opts for using more black and gray shade, color, or leaves it as is. 

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