Top 85 Moon Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

The moon is an almost perfect tattoo idea since every piece of body art is unique to the wearer and their understanding of the lunar components in the design. There are an almost unlimited palette of designs and ideas incorporating aspects of lunar life that you can take with you to the tattoo shop.

A moon tattoo design is perhaps the most highly charged of tattoos incorporating the role natural elements play in life. It can also illustrate body art ideas of love, duality, aspects of femininity and womanhood, or can be used in matching couples tattoo or way out new wave depictions of space and the intergalactic.

Read on for 85 awesome descriptions of moon tattoo images and concepts. You can utilize a moon symbol for use in your next tattoo or see how it fits into the list of best tattoo idea list. From a moon phase piece to cool crescent moon tattoo design ideas, you’ll be illuminated with inspiration for a beautiful tattoo.

1. Man in the Moon Tattoo Ideas

Arm Crescent Moon Tattoos For Men

Bicep Moon And Star Tattoo For Men

This is a great black and gray design that takes an image that could have been pulled from a 19th-century children’s book and turns it into an interesting tattoo. The artist makes expert use of bold line work and some limited gray wash to create a tattoo that is reminiscent of hand-etched lithographs.

The use of clean line work in the face is impressive, perfectly capturing the stoic countenance on the moon man’s face, while the swirls in the clouds are perfectly applied. The composition of this piece is well thought out and balanced, further enhancing the appeal of this interesting and unique tattoo.

Creative Devil Moon Guys Tattoo Design

Back Of Forearm Moon Sheen Tattoo For Gentlemen

Tattoo Moon On Man On Back

Guys Moon Face Tattoo With Smoking Pipe Design On Arm

Half Moon Tattoo For Men On Legs

The moon has been called the “ship of light on the sea of night”. One look upwards into the night sky and you’ll spot the moon smiling right on back – it’s not hard to picture that being a person smiling back. It’s a constant theme in tattooing, whether harking back to illustrating ancient cultures or balancing against a sun tattoo.

2. Black and Gray Realist Moon Tattoo Designs

Half Sleeve Guys New Moon Tattoo

Cool Moon And Tree Mens Tattoos On Thigh

Airplane Flying With Yin Yang Moon Tattoo Design On Mans Chest

Small Simple Detailed Mens Moon Tattoo

Male Full Moon Tattoos On Shoulder

This tattoo takes a more photorealistic approach than some of the other designs with great results. The artist uses one bold line to capture the shape of the moon, other than that the design is made up of expert black and gray shading and intelligent use of negative space.

The gradation of tones in this tattoo is also excellent; the fully saturated black at the bottom of the piece gradually moves towards the almost full negative space in the crater in the top right portion of the piece. The varied use of stipple and whip shading is excellent as well, allowing the artist to create a surprising amount of depth and texture in a relatively small tattoo.

Small Moon Tattoos For Men On Upper Chest

Simple Cool Moon Tattoos For Males On Arm

Make It To The Moon Mens Thigh Tattoo Dot Work Design

Wrist Moon And Tree Tattoos For Men

3. Landscape Tattoos Featuring the Moon

Small Simple Forest Moon Mens Tattoo

Inner Forearm Bear Forest Moon Tattoo On Man

Back Of Shoulder Mens Black Ink Moon And Mountains Tattoos

This is an interesting piece, placed on the shoulder blade that takes an illustrative approach to create a lovely, moon-inspired tattoo. What immediately stands out in this piece is the extreme level of saturation in the black at the bottom of the design; it produces a creative foundation for the design that allows the lighter portions of the tattoo to really pop.

The bold line work that is used in the craggy peaks is clean and deliberate while the finer line work used in the trees perfectly captures a nighttime landscape. The fine stipple shading that starts above the mountains, eventually fading to negative space, is a clever way to enhance the composition and gives the design a more open feel.

Back Of Leg Calf Moon And Star Tattoos For Men

Full Sleeve Moon Lake Tattoo Design For Males

Black Moon And Mountains Mens Small Forearm Tattoo

This design is inspired by a nighttime scene over a lake with the moon reflected in the surface of the water, and the tattoo artist makes a couple of different stylistic choices that are incorporated into an interesting tattoo. The landscape in the bottom half of the tattoo uses a more illustrative design concept with bold lines forming the outline of the hilltops and negative space with some white ink for highlights.

The moon, on the other hand, is completed with a much more realistic approach: there are none of the bold lines used in the bottom half, instead, the artist utilizes shading and excellent use of negative space to create an almost photorealistic interpretation of our nearest celestial body. These contrasting styles work well here to create a unique tattoo.

Small Mens Old School Half Moon Tattoo Design On Bicep

Mens Wrist Moon Tattoo With Black Trees

Manly Moon Tattoo Designs For Men On Arm

Wilderness Outdoors Mens Moon Tattoo On Forearm

To The Moon And Back Tattoo For Men On Forearm

4. Spaceman Tattoo Ideas

3d Realistic Outer Space Helmet Moon Tattoo Design For Men On Arm

Geometric Astronaut Moon Tattoo For Men On Leg Calf

Astronaut Space Helmet Moon Reflection Tattoo On Bicep For Guys

Astronaut With Moon Ballon Tattoo Design On Arm For Guys

5. Abstract Moon Tattoo Ideas

Japanese Mens Crescent Moon Tattoo On Bicep

Ocean Wave Bicep Mens Moon Tattoo

Bat With Moon Tattoo And Words Good Night On Mans Leg

Black Moon Tattoos For Men With Tree Design

All Seeing Eye Mens Moon Tattoos On Forearm

Night Moon With Trees Mens Upper Arm Tattoo In Black Ink

Wrist Geomtric Mens Moon Tattoo In Black Ink On Forearm

6. Lunar Cycle Tattoo Ideas

Chest Moon Phase Tattoos For Males

Forearm Mens Moon Phases Tattoo

Guys Stomach Moon Phase Tattoo Design

This moon design uses black and gray ink to capture the different phases of the moon across this man’s stomach. The black ink is well-saturated, creating the dark tones on the edges of the moons, increasing contrast and allowing the negative space highlights to stand out.

The near-perfect circle that is used to create the full moon at the center of the piece is impressive and is a testament to the skill of the artist. The composition in this piece is also excellent, and dramatically improves the tattoo’s appeal: if the placement and angles of the moon phases weren’t correct the entire design would suffer. This is a great tattoo that, no doubt, holds special symbolic meaning to the wearer and their relationship with the lunar cycle.

Shoulder Line Work Mens Moon Phase Tattoo

Mens Phases Of The Moon Tattoo On Back Of Leg

7. New Wave Moon Tattoos

Color Full Rib Cage Side Space Moon Tatoos For Men

Here is a design that uses vivid colors, large size and bold placement to create a stunning, side tattoo. I love how the artist makes expert use of a broad color scheme, utilizing blues and purples, all the way through to reds and pale yellows, setting this piece apart from other less vibrant tattoos.

The lack of bold and defining lines is made up for here with expert color gradation and a well-planned design: in the hands of a less skilled artist this tattoo could easily have turned into an amorphous blob of contrasting colors. Instead it is an exciting celestial scene, complete with planets, stars, aurora borealis inspired swirls and whorls, perfectly capturing the intense colors of the cosmos.

3d Realistic Hook And Moon Mens Forearm Sleeve Tattoo

Mens Sun And Moon Tattoos Full Sleeve With Color Ink

Midnight Moon Tattoo For Men With Glowing Color Ink

Mens Moon And Stars Tattoo On Shoulder

Guys Dark Side Of The Moon Tattoo With Blue Ink On Leg Calf

Lower Leg Sleeve Full Moon Tattoo For Men

Realistic Moon Tattoo On Wrist

8. Black and Gray Illustrative Moon Tattoo Imagery

Upper Arm Mens Moon Tattoos With Face Design

This is an excellent black and gray piece that takes an image from the classic silent film “Voyage to the Moon” and creates an interesting tattoo. The artist uses well-saturated black to create the starry backdrop for this moon man’s grimace.

The use of gray wash shading to capture the pockmarked surface of the moon is well applied and stays true to the images in the film. This piece is impressive for the way the artist perfectly captures this scene that has become famous for being one of the first science fiction films.

Hand Pulling Moon By A String Tattoo For Males On Forearm

Here is another excellent piece that eschews color for a more subdued and classy design created with excellent use of black and gray ink. Once again we have a design that utilizes expert hatching to create the effect of the ink on paper designs produced through the lithograph process.

The fine line work used to give depth and create shadows in the hand is excellent and contrasts nicely with the shading used in the moon, where the artist uses a more traditional technique along with negative space to capture the pockmarked surface of the moon. This is a great example of what is possible with a talented artist and a clever design concept.

Full Sleeve Moon Themed Male Tattoos

Full Sleeve Wolf Moon Tattoos For Men

Inner Forearm Black Ink Guys Moon Tattoo Inspiration

Mens Moon Elbow Tattoo Design

Guys Sleeve City Moon Tattoo Designs

Guys Small Moon Tattoo On Chest

Guys Star And Moon Tattoo Sleeve Design

Guys Tribal Moon Tattoos On Arm

Hand With Half Moon Design Tattoo On Rib Cage Side For Guys

9. Moon and Wolf Tattoo Combinations

Half Sleeve Moon Tattoo Ideas For Men

Half Sleeve Wolf And Moon Tattoo For Guys

Male Wolf Howling At Moon Tattoo On Upper Arm

Upper Arm Wolf And Moon Tattoo For Guys

Glowing Wolf And Orange Moon Mens Leg Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas

Sun And Moon Tattoo Designs For Men On Forearms

Wolf Howling At The Moon Tattoo For Males

10. Innovative Moon Tattoo Designs

Japanese Moon Tattoos For Men On Shoulder


Manly Mens Tattoos Of Moons On Upper Arm

Man With Black Ink Moon And Sun Tattoo On Thigh

This is a beautiful tattoo that uses expert gradation of tones and precise line work to create a tattoo that looks to be inspired by lithograph art from a bygone era. There are several things working together to make this unique design stand out from other tattoos that attempt to recreate this artistic technique.

First off, the level of saturation in the black ink at the top of the piece is excellent and creates the contrast that lets the artist use varying levels of shading and negative space so effectively. The shading throughout-from the stipple work on the side of the church to whip shading in the steeple and on in the face of the sun-is expert and is a testament to the skill of the artist.

Masculine Forearm Mens Sun Moon Tattoo

Mens Moon And Sun Tattoo On Back Of Shoulder

Mens Sun And Moon Tattoo On Chest

Moon And Mountains Mens Hand Tattoos

This is a clean black and gray design that uses elements of American traditional tattoos to create a unique piece. The bold lines and simple design are common traits of this style and are used here to create an interesting tattoo that has little chance of fading over time.

The balanced composition allows the artist to incorporate a number of different elements-the big dipper, the Evening Star, and antlers-and give all the features their own space to breathe without feeling bunched or cluttered.

The artist also makes great use of subtle shading to add a layer of depth that increases contrast and helps the moon and snowy peaks stand out. The clean, simple Roman numerals at the top of the piece most likely signify an important date and helps makes this a more personal and meaningful tattoo.

Moon And Sun Mens Foot Tattoos


Whale With Moon And Man Surfing Ocrean Wave Mens Bicep Tattoo

11. Ships in the Night

Realistic Sailing Ship Moon Tattoo With Lighthouse On Upper Arm

Mens Sleeve Tattoo Of Sailing Ship With Moon And Clouds On Upper Arm

Sailing Ship With Blue Moon Background Tattoo On Leg Calf For Men

Upper Arm Sailing Ship Mens Moon Tattoos

Small Guys Sailing Ship Moon Tattoo

Small Sailing Ship Moon Tattoo Design On Back For Guys

Star And Moon Tattoos For Guys On Back

Moon Tattoo FAQs

What is the symbolic meaning of moon tattoos?

A moon tattoo is a powerful symbol that can be interpreted in many contrasting ways.

A half-moon is often used to represent balance, while a crescent moon can reference moving past difficult times to a moment of rebirth.

Another common concept for moon inspired tattoos is an image showing all the different stages in the lunar cycle, symbolizing the endless process of life, death, and rebirth.

The other classical moon tattoo idea ponders the duality of light and dark, sun and moon, and sometimes even good and evil . The two orbs either a t as complete opposites in a concept, but in designs such as a moon matching tattoo, they often match together like a lock and key, or hand and glove.

Where can you put a moon tattoo?

The placement of a moon tattoo is up to their wearer , their tastes in tattoo art and priorities for the design .

There are choices in placement for a moon design that have become more popular in recent times. In contemporary tattooing every tattoo artist needs a good idea of the moon cycle.

Individuals are choosing to put a moon tattoo design between their shoulder blades, letting the top of the tattoo peek out above the collar to give the tattoo art a balanced feel by sitting in the center of the back.

Another popular choice for a lunar tattoo can show the different stages of the moon as they run down the forearm or along the leg . The eight moon phases move as follows:

  • New moon
  • Waxing crescent
  • First quarter
  • Waxing moon (waxing gibbous)
  • Full moon
  • Waning moon (waning gibbous)
  • Third quarter
  • Waning crescent

This kind of arm tattoo design lets the composition of the design flow and makes for a dynamic piece.

It doesnt matter if it’s a full moon tattoo, waxing moon, or even a blue moon, these lovely tattoos are full of symbolic meaning and are a great way to express powerful feelings of interconnectedness and unity with the night sky and natural world.

What does a crescent moon tattoo symbolize?

A Crescent moon tattoo idea is often linked to change, transition, and the development of of something new. This view is further borne out by the half moon tattoo being a symbol related to birth cycles, fertility, rebirth and more general patterns of womanhood .

Did these moon symbol tattoo designs send you straight to your tattoo shop’s site to make a tattoo appointment? If you’re looking for more inspiration for your first tattoo, or next tattoo, then click on the links below for more galleries: