Top 80 Best Abstract Tattoos For Men – Designs With An Artistic Mentality

Modern ink jobs are getting cooler and crazier than ever. Their evolution is even starting to transcend mere form and regular objects. To demonstrate an artistic mentality, try out abstract tattoos for men!

Surrealism has been a big hit in artistic communities for a long time, and skin has become the new canvas, so it makes sense for the two to finally converge. Their meeting arrives in the form of wildly futuristic abstract tattoos; guys love these new designs, and women adore the men who adorn them.

Abstract tattoos give men the maximum amount of expression. Because the unfair standards of hegemonic masculinity have long tamped down personal male identities, these free-form masterpieces are paving the way for a diversified level of maleness that encompasses all of civilization.

The ingenious nature of abstraction is that anything goes. No other form of tattooing enables such purely unfettered freedom. In totality, you there is not a single concept or arrangement that should be considered off limits. The range is also extraordinarily immense.

You can select personal doodles, or you can try out the likes of expressionist Wassily Kandinsky and Gothic surrealist H. R. Giger. For proof of the vast possibilities, dive into the mind-blowing wonder of abstract tattoos right here!

1. Forearm Abstract Tattoos

Abstract Arts Tattoos Men On Forearm

Abstract Lightbulb Tattoo For Men On Forearm

Wooden Hand With Cube And Eye Abstract Tattoo For Men

Blue And Red Sleeves Abstract Mens Tattoo

Cool Abstract Tattoos For Men Linework

Full Sleeve Red Male Abstract Star Tattoos

Guys Abstract Tattoo Design

Simple Guys Abstract Tattoos Designs With Arrow


2. Arm Abstract Tattoos

Tattoo Designs Abstract For Gentlemen

3d Abstract Tattoo For Men On Arm

Broken Lines Mens Abstract Arm Tattoos

Cool Mens Half Sleeve Abstract Tattoos Across Arm

Golden Skeleton Abstract Tattoos For Men On Upper Arm


3. Sleeve Abstract Tattoos

Male Abstract Half Sleeve Tattoo On Both Arms

Mens Tattoo Sleeve Blackwork

Male With Abstract Tattoo For Men Full Sleeve

Best Abstract Tattoos For Males Half Sleeve

Full Sleeve Blackwork Abstract Tattoos For Men

Male Abstract Tribal Tattoo Full Sleeve

Mens Tattoo Sleeve Realistic Abstract Lightning


4. Wrist Abstract Tattoos

Amazing Abstract Wrist Tattoo For Men In Black Ink


5. Chest Abstract Tattoos

Wing In A Circle Abstract Tattoo For Men

Masculine Abstract Tattoos For Men Circle Lines

Chest Black Ink Lines Abstract Tattoo For Guys

Abstract Lines Shoulder Tattoo Design For Men

Mens Tattoo Sleeve Bio Mech Abstract Tattoos

Abstract Bird Tattoo For Men On Chest And Arm

Abstract Art Tattoos For Men On Upper Right Chest

Abstract Gear Tattoo For Men On Upper Chest

Chest Abstract Gask Mask Angel Tattoo For Men

Chest Line Abstract Tattoo Ideas For Men With Arrows

Male Abstract Bird Tattoos On Chest

Man With Abstract Rose And Heart Tattoo On Chest

Mens Abstract Tattoo Inspiration Of Eyeball On Chest

Mens Chest Abstract Tattoo In Black Ink

Poppy Chest Abstract Tattoo For Men


6. Back Abstract Tattoos

Guy With Abstract Cross Tattoo

Abstract Arts Tattoo For Men Of Skull And Red Lines On Back

Abstract Heart Tattoos For Males On Back

Back Abstract Line Work Tattoo For Men

Man With Tattoo Abstract Art On Back

Mens Abstract Art Tattoo Of Angel On Back

Tattoo Back Geometric Abstract Art For Men


7. Side Abstract Tattoos

Mens Abstract Tattoo Designs On Side Of Body

Mens Rib Cage Side Abstract Tattoo Of Lines

Rib Cage Side Fox And Camera Abstract Mens Tattoos

Small Ribcage Side Abstract Tattoo Of Lines For Men


8. Rib Abstract Tattoos

Mens Abstract Tattoo Ideas On Ribcage

Rib Cage Side Guys Abstract Tree Tattoos


9. Leg Abstract Tattoos

Mens Abstract Tattoos Painting Style

Abstract Blackwork Tattoo On Legs For Men

Blue Shark Abstract Attoo For Men On Lower Leg

Leg Calf Abstract Tattoo Art On Men

Mens Abstract Flower Tattoo On Legs

Mustache House Abstract Leg Tattoos For Men

Red Arrow And Potrait Abstract Tattoo For Men On Legs

Potrait Ocean Wave Abstract Mens Tattoos In Color On Leg


10. Thigh Abstract Tattoos

Small Abstract Tattoos For Males Of Pinapple And Triangles

Abstract Black Tattoo For Men Of Spray Paint

Candle Flame Abstract Tattoos For Men On Upper Leg Thigh

Tree And Water Abstract Thigh Tattoo For Men


11. Shoulder Abstract Tattoos

Tattoo Abstract For Guys

Abstract Geometric Tattoos For Guys On Shoulder

Back Of Shoulder Abstract Art Tattoo Designs On Guys


12. Hand Abstract Tattoos

Man With Tattoos Abstract Anchor On Hands


13. Skull Abstract Tattoos

Conceptual Mens Abstract Tattoo Ideas With Skulls

Guys Abstract Golden Skull Tattoo

Skull And Hourglass Abstract Tattoos For Men


14. Geometric Abstract Tattoos

Circle Geometric Mens Abstract Tattoos On Chest


15. 3D Abstract Tattoos

Small 3d Mens Abstract Tattoo


16. Watercolor Abstract Tattoos

Watercolor Abstract Tattoos With Fish Moving In Water