Top 75 Best Kitchen Ceiling Ideas – Home Interior Designs

Years of bustle and activity, as well as the odd (and unintentional) smoking dish can leave one’s kitchen ceiling looking decidedly worse for the wear, which may be motivation enough for an upgrade.

Every room in your house deserves only the finest in both quality and style appeal, and the kitchen is certainly no exception–as the heart of the home, it can even be said it deserves even better.

There are a number of kitchen ceiling designs and materials to choose from beyond the more luxurious coffered and trey, with state-of-the-art components to serve your kitchen’s needs. Wooden beam work not only covers up evidence of cracked drywall and plaster, but enhances the space with added architectural definition. Tiles are a clean–and easy to clean–option for the particularly busy kitchen, while Victorian tinwork, seen in many a 19th century home and public space, is as eye-catching as it is unique. Many ongoing historic restoration projects seek to restore the original tin ceilings of buildings from that era, as a means to increase both beauty and value.

Certain factors such as cleanliness and upkeep may also factor into your ultimate choice, but rest assured your kitchen ceiling will see you seamlessly through the years. Should you wish for a ceiling with glass skylights, consider the energy efficiency loss and roofing challenges they present.

Your kitchen is the soul of your homestead, the place where friends and family gather, feast, and admire their host’s domestic panache. From the floor to the sky, your kitchen should welcome you each morning in the manner to which you’ve no doubt grown accustomed. Perhaps, therefore, it’s time to cast your gaze upward and explore these kitchen ceiling ideas.


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