Prime 35 Finest Solar and Moon Tattoo Concepts – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Discover the ink of night time and day with one of the best 35 solar and moon tattoos. Uncover completely different design concepts and ink inspiration from the sky which might be as previous as we are able to keep in mind.

In each tradition, in each period, in each place, there’s reverence, mythology and superstition tied to the solar and the moon – they are central to each society. It’s for this purpose they’re so fashionable as tattoo themes worldwide.   

Stylistically your selections are virtually limitless, so there’s virtually limitless choices so that you can execute your tattoo concept. Photographs of the solar and moon make for an ideal matching tattoo: the solar as masculine vitality and the moon as female vitality depicted in engaging designs. Whether or not small or giant, superb choices abound. The solar will be as simple as a small tattoo circle with rays, or the crescent moon outlined amongst other lunar traits.  

Solar and moon tattoos are the uncommon designs that cross the gender divide. A really delicate tremendous line crescent moon tattoo for the female, a heavy black ink tribal solar tattoo for the masculine, the delicately balanced half moon tattoo in opposition to the easy solar as a tattoo etched in between.   

Due to the facility inherent in these symbols – going again to historic occasions there have been tattoo interpretations of solar god and moon goddess – they scale up and down.

Massive, colourful, in your face items work brilliantly, as do toned down tiny tattoo choices. And for lots of people aesthetics are the highest worth, whether or not it’s a easy minimalist tattoo on the wrist, versus a whole intertwined half solar shoulder tattoo. 

There’s nothing stopping you from getting a solar and moon tattoo simply because they look so rattling cool.  Beneath you’ll discover 35 of one of the best solar moon tattoo design examples to make use of as inspiration on your subsequent piece of physique artwork. 

1. Eye Catching Colour Solar and Moon Tattoos  

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Colour is surprisingly uncommon for solar and moon tattoos. Often the designs are easy – a tribal solar, entwined in a crescent moon tattoo. Both tremendous line or outlines with little shading. For those who go for colour, you’ll have an attention-grabbing piece that stands out.   

Colour is aesthetically pleasing for all various kinds of tattoo lovers, appropriate for quite a lot of stylistic functions. Extra sensible depictions could have the solar in orange or gold, and a faint blue coloured moon design. The juxtaposition of heat and funky can be utilized to nice impact in photos the place the 2 symbols kind an entire – they give the impression of being stylish and add to the impact of opposing stability and drive. 

For a free-spirited, creative solar and moon tattoo take into account making use of a watercolor tattoo, including geometric patterns, or detailed floral designs. 

2. Summary Solar and Moon Tattoos 

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The mix of those two symbols fires the creativeness. Whether or not kids’s bedtime tales, mythological tales, and even deciphering the tides, there’s loads of room for creativity.   

The solar and the moon are sometimes depicted as lovers – man and girl. However they work simply in addition to planetary our bodies reflecting one another in an inventive panorama design. When you begin to think about the 2 as alive, all types of concepts and summary photos come to thoughts, like a easy tribal solar tattoo on one half, balanced creatively in opposition to a moon and stars tattoo.  

Think about a Picasso confronted twin solar and moon, a coruscating mandala tattoo alternating the brightness of a easy solar in opposition to the darkness of a moon. Or physique artwork usual into tribal patterns as if in an historic dream. 

Solar and moon tattoos are an amazing alternative so that you can showcase your summary type and customised sense of independence.  

3. Black and Grey Solar and Moon Tattoos

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Black and grey tattoos create the chance for a powerful quantity of element. A talented tattoo artist can use shading to add depth and texture when bringing your new piece of physique artwork to life.   

Black and grey additionally provides gravitas to your piece however isn’t so nice for depicting whimsy. If you need extra critical, deep, and conceptually highly effective on your solar and moon tattoo then black and grey is the correct alternative in software. Likewise for bigger items, black and grey is the gold commonplace for including texture and nuance to background work.   

4. Delicate Solar and Moon Tattoos

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Gone are the times the place tattoos had been just for the huge, beefy, biker blokes sporting a depraved neck tattoo, their previous women with a demented fairy inked on a shoulder blade. Our tattoo sensibilities have advanced to the purpose that they’ll help any tattoo concept you want to take into account, with improvement in expertise of the tattoo artist, ink and equipment expertise to deliver them to life, and even non permanent tattoos for these with reservations. 

Whether or not cutesy, whimsical, humorous or female, all types of tattoo design are potential nowadays. If you wish to go for a tremendous line type then take into account single needle work matching easy solar and moon tattoo design, crafting very skinny, delicate traces, or dotwork – also called pointillism.  

Dotwork tattoo entails the artist constructing both half, or the total tattoo picture out of singularly etched factors. It’s a time consuming, painstaking technical software however properly price it when inked by an skilled skilled. The placing visible impact can’t be replicated with every other type. It’s naturally delicate suiting a tiny tattoo or small, non secular aesthetic.   

5. Geometric Solar and Moon Tattoos

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The solar and moon had been as soon as sacred to all of mankind. Seen symbolically they’re a pure match for geometric tattoos.  

Mostly, a solar and moon tattoo design will get integrated into already present geometric designs similar to a mandala, the flower of life, or Metatron’s dice for instance. These clearly have solar and moon formed free area. If you’re wanting a barely completely different depiction, then take into account a binary high/backside placement and use repeating shapes or geometric linework to attach them.

Geometric solar and moon tattoos – like a wonderfully halved solar moon tattoo or -are an amazing alternative for incorporating non secular ink right into a memorable design.   

6. Heavy Black Ink Solar and Moon Tattoos

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Simply because the masculine solar enhances the female moon, heavy black ink is the go-to for masculine tattoo expression. Highly effective and daring, heavy black ink designs draw the attention like nothing else. This type affords the artist nice expression by means of making use of opposition rules of totally saturated ink with destructive area.  

Be forewarned although, heavy black tattoos of this type are not for the faint hearted. Relying on how giant you go it might imply critical hours within the chair. They’re an enormous funding in each money and time. That stated, you’ll reap the rewards with a properly etched heavy black piece. 

7. Linework Solar and Moon Tattoos

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Right Hand Top Sun Face Left Hand Moon Face Tattoo
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Linework is an apparent alternative for a lot of topics relating to the design side of their solar and moon tattoos. Their conventional depiction is straightforward and virtually cartoonish by fashionable creative requirements, making linework the proper topics for this type.   

Like heavy black, linework tattoos afford the tattoo artist nice leeway and particular person interpretation. By means of creatively utilizing destructive area linework tattoos can present rather a lot of fashion with slightly little bit of intelligent software, turning your half moon right into a classical wolf tattoo balancing the weather of night time and day.  

Easy outlines can be utilized to create half silhouettes the place extra is alluded to than proven. On a sensible observe, small linework tattoos are critical bang on your buck, representing lot much less time (and ache) than a extra time consuming colour or stuffed in piece.   

Solar and Moon Tattoo FAQs  

What does a solar tattoo symbolize?  

As a tattoo design itself the solar is extremely versatile. Some solar symbolism is common: mild, heat, new life, at all times above us. There’s a pure reverence all life will need to have for the solar for with out it not solely would we perish we might by no means have come to exist. The solar is a masculine image, it’s our symbolic father. Perpetually watching over, ceaselessly radiating its superb rays down on us. Serving to us develop, serving to us see clearly. Astrologically the solar has essentially the most highly effective affect in your horoscope. Your star signal is in actuality your solar signal.   

Due to the broadness of those meanings a solar tattoo will be paired with numerous different photos to rework their message. For those who go along with a standalone solar tattoo it can symbolize one, or all the above interpretations. However relying on what you pair it with – consider a mandala tattoo or conventional Aztec ink – the that means will change, and typically drastically.   

What does a moon tattoo symbolize?  

Like solar tattoos, there may be superb selection in moon tattoo that means and thematic software. Historically, a moon tattoo concept symbolizes motherhood, femininity and fertility. She additionally has an extended and storied affiliation with the occult: witches and wicca notably.  

Female to the solar’s masculine in some ways, the moon’s lunar traits characterize opposing however complementary forces. Photo voltaic traits are forceful, radiating their very own mild. The moon is receptive, softly and gently reflecting the sunshine of the solar.   

A moon tattoo design also can symbolize the cyclical. Be it the waxing and waning of the tides, the month-to-month transition from new moon to full moon, or even the menstrual cycle. The moon symbolizes the continual nature of life from beginning to demise to rebirth. Every little thing adjustments and adjustments again once more. The moon carries huge non secular weight as a logo and may be very fashionable in new age circles.   

What’s the symbolic that means of solar and moon tattoos in mixture?  

The solar and moon collectively in a tattoo design symbolize the complementary unity of opposites. It’s polarity however with out opposition. This isn’t good vs evil, it’s masculine and female, cooperation not battle.

Whereas the solar is the life giver, the moon is fertility and the cycle of beginning and rebirth. Most of all, the solar and the moon collectively symbolize excellent wholeness and stability.