Men’s Spring Fashion – 53 Best Outfit Ideas for 2020

Around the world, many of us welcome the warm breeze of spring with open arms. However, while transition seasons can offer a much-needed respite from the extreme weather of seasons past, they can be difficult to dress for because of their unpredictable temperature patterns.

Fortunately, there is a way to have some fun with the changing weather. Through skillful layering and a bit of creativity, dressing for fluctuating temperatures can be less of a chore and more of an opportunity to let your trendy adaptability shine through.

Here, we present to you some of our favorite styles, for both formal and casual tastes, that are well suited for the springtime (pun intended).

1. Classic Outfits

Trendy Spring Fashion Style
Elegant Fashion Style
Great Fashion Style
Good Looking Fashion Style
Classic Fashion Style
Nice Lovely Fashion Style

The classic spring outfit is as simple as it is stylish, and it can be easily achieved with light outerwear, breathable fabrics, and a sturdy pair of casual boots.

Whether or not you’re a fan of warmer weather, there is something so freeing about trading in our heavy winter attire for a peacoat or jacket. Depending on where you live, you may even be able to get away with going outside in only a light pull-over sweater.

No matter what temperature you’re dressing for, now is the time to truly let your layering skills shine through. Turtlenecks, sweaters, scarves, and gloves all contribute to the art of layering, which not only achieves a trendy look but also serves a functional purpose — to feel comfortable no matter the weather.

With these endless possibilities, it’s no wonder what spring is the favorite season of many who are fashion-minded.


2. Dapper Outfits

Gray Dapper Outfits
Green Coat Dapper Outfit
Over Coat Dapper Outfit
Male Model Dapper Outfit
Classic Style Dapper Outfit
Tailored Dapper Outfit
Classy Dapper Outfit
Smart Casual Dapper Outfit

You don’t have to be Don Draper to be the most dapper dresser in the room. Dapper fashion is characterized by an overall sense of being put-together, with expensive-looking touches and well-fitting clothing.

Dapper can also be described as “classy”, “formal”, or “vintage”, and often encompasses essential items like leather shoes, ties, fancy watches, and suits. Some dapper elements that are perfectly-suited for springtime include (but are certainly not limited to) long wool coats, leather gloves, and oxford shoes.

Because emulating a dapper style is really a matter of finding the perfect fit, we recommend befriending your local tailor and having your clothing shaped precisely to your form — it’s amazing what a difference it makes to have clothes that accurately fit your individual body type. In order to be tailored most effectively, it is common for men to buy clothing one-size up before taking it to be altered.


3. Denim on Denim Outfits

Cool Denim Outfit
Casual Wear Denim Outfit
Classy Denim Outfit

It’s no secret that here at NextLuxury we love denim outfit pieces — and we’re not alone in that. More and more, outfits incorporating denim are popping up on men’s fashion blogs and magazines. However, those who are brave enough to take their love for blue jeans to the next step should consider pairing denim with denim.

Although this intentional clash may seem counterintuitive, what is sometimes playfully known as the “Canadian tuxedo” actually comes off exceptionally well when executed correctly.

One thing that works extremely well for the “denim on denim” style is a mixture in denim shades, such as a blue-jean jacket with a gray denim pair of pants, or a black denim shirt with a light pair of pants. However, do not underestimate the power of boldy matching identical shades of denim — its effect can be uniquely impactful.


4. Neutral Outfits

Simple Neutral Outfit
Classy Neutral Outfit
Trendy Neutral Outfit
Street Wear Neutral Outfit

For many men, a neutral color scheme is a great way to experiment with their personal fashion style without having to risk sticking out too much. Neutral pieces — such as fabrics in shades of white, gray, tan, and brown — are the timeless touches that help our wardrobe stay adaptable.

Clothing that comes in these colors are also a fantastic way to build a “capsule wardrobe”, which refers to having a small collection of clothing items that you can rely on that are both high-quality and easily interchangeable with one another.

If you’re new to the fashion scene, or if you’re not completely sure which personal style you most identify with, it might be a good idea to start your fashion journey by building a neutral wardrobe.

Essential items include brown or black boots, white sneakers, gray jackets, and of course, perhaps the most important staple of all — a good, reliable pair (or two) of blue jeans.


5. Streetstyle Outfits

Leather Neutral Outfit
Mens Fashion Neutral Outfit
Yellow Coat Neutral Outfit
Cool Neutral Outfit
Men Style Neutral Outfit
Simple Street Style
Urban Street Style
Glam Street Style
Fashion Street Style
Casual Street Style
Model Street Style
Cool Look Street Style
Leather Street Style
Charming Street Style
Guys Style Street Wear
Mens Fashion Street Wear
Mens Style Street Wear
City Style Street Wear
Herren Mode Street Wear
Sweat Shirt Street Style

Streetstyle is special among fashion trends because it emerged not from the runways but from the city streets among individuals. Although it is often seen as a reflection of youth culture, it can be worn by all age groups.

To achieve streetstyle with a spring spin, incorporate casual staples like cargo pants, vests, leather jackets, and sneakers into your wardrobe. Other favorites include a solid-colored beanie, and simple jewelry or watches. If you want to achieve the completely streetstyle, it’s not a bad idea to pair your clothing with a simple fade haircut and/or a neatly-trimmed beard.

Thanks to its casual vibe, streetsyle is a wonderful style choice for men who want to achieve that put-together look, but who do not associate with more formal fashion styles.


6. Urban Outfits

Surrey Hair Urban Style
Fashion Blogger Urban Style
Cool Mens Wear Urban Style
Classy Urban Style
Modern Men Urban Style
Cool Denim Urban Style
Scruffy Men Urban Style
Nice Outfit Urban Style
Cool Look Urban Style
Mens Fashion Urban Style
Cool Outfit Urban Style
Comfy Outfit Urban Style
French Guy Urban Style

You don’t have to be living deep in the big city to take inspiration from urban fashion, although it helps if you have a backdrop of trendy street art or tall buildings for your photo ops. Unlike more mainstream fashion styles, urban fashion tends to follow the wave of subcultures and geographically-specific scenes.

In general, urban fashions tend to be more colorful, energetic, and expressive than other fashion trends — however, it can be simple as well. In the springtime, urban fashion shows its best side with fitted blue jeans, suede ankle boots, light jackets, and simple tees.

This is also the season where you can finally put your favorite pair of sunglasses to good use — the aviator style is especially popular.