Best Metal Gun Security Storage Cabinet – GallowTech Review

The most insane metal security cabinet I’ve ever seen… No surprise, it’s made by Gallow Tech.

Meet the WCAB-50.34.15-1 by Gallow Tech.

If you’re wondering what all those numbers mean, it simple: This cabinet is 50 inches high by 34 inches wide by 15 inches deep.

Now, if you’re looking for a cabinet and thinking this one is either too small or too large for your own application, don’t worry; Gallow Tech offers their weapon cabinets all sorts of sizes.

With a 14 gauge American steel construction throughout, it truly doesn’t get any better than this. Add in the completely welded construction, heavy-duty welded hinges, 3-point locking system, and heavy-duty powder coat finish, and well, I’m absolutely blown away!

Given that this cabinet is 100% made in Southern Utah, USA it’s no surprise that it’s built like a tank. At 157 pounds the WCAB has a great amount of heft to it. Pack in all your firearms, ammo, and miscellaneous gear and it’s not going to budge an inch.

I’ll get to the rugged security details later, but first let’s get to the unboxing.


Gallowtech Cabinet Review Shipping

Best Gun Safe Metal Cabinet Shipping Boxes

Gun Safe Cabinet In Shipping Tape Delivery

Arriving via freight on a wood pallet, Gallow Tech really packages each cabinet beautifully.

Yes, there’s plastic shipping wrap like you’d expect, but also hard cardboard corner protectors, super strong steel (not nylon) straps, and even fragile labels which I found rather funny. Needless to say, if you order one, it’s going to show up at your doorstep in the same condition as if it left the factory.



Gallowtech Gun Cabinet Reviews Instructions And Keys

Gallow Technologies Modular Hangers For Gun Cabinet Storage

Included with every cabinet is a set of two keys.

The hangers you see below were hand-selected in order to build out the cabinet to my own specific needs. Thanks to Gallow Tech’s modular back panel, the configurations are truly endless. If you want a simple hanger to hang your handgun by the barrel, they’ve got it. A 3-rifle horizontal hanger on an angle, yup, they’ve got that too.

If you’re not sure what hangers you need right now or plan on changing them down the line as your collection grows, don’t worry. You can start with a totally empty cabinet and add new hangers piece by piece over time.


Cabinet Details

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Lockable Gun Storage Cabinet Handle

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I wasn’t expecting this metal gun cabinet to be such a monster at first! From the locking mechanism to the reinforced door panels, this is simply put, perfection. Every single inch of this security storage cabinet takes the meaning of “heavy-duty” to new heights.

Turning the handle feels like I’m unlocking a bank vault, and well, it sounds like it too. It reminds me of closing the doors on a Mercedes G class SUV. You can feel and hear the quality each time. I know there are a lot of flimsy locking handles on metal cabinets out there, but this is not one of them. Even the steel locking rods are super, super beefy. With three heavy-duty welded hinges, opening and closing each door is super smooth.

At the back of each Gallow Tech metal gun cabinet, you’ll find a modular panel that runs all the way to the tops, bottoms, and sides. In other words, you can utilize the entire back of the cabinet; no corners were cut here. On the front exterior, you’ll also find a steel mesh window which makes taking inventory of everything stored inside easy.


Hanger Install

Gallowtech Interior Modular Gun Cabinet

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Tactical Gun Cabinet Storage Shelves

Each hanger is super simple to install. Just place the hanger against the back panel, lift up a bit, push back, and then push down a bit. Once done, your hanger will lock into place. Included screws add another layer of secure support.

Now, I know there are other types of wall storage systems out there, but let’s be real, they all suck! After owning Gallow Tech’s wall rack and using their metal hangers for two years now, nothing else even comes close. Thankfully, they’ve chosen to transfer the panel from their wall mounts into their gun cabinets. It’s true perfection.

When it comes to the fine details, Gallow Tech doesn’t miss a beat. Note the really nice plastic rim on the vertical rifle hangers and firm, but soft buttstock pads, which ensure damaging your firearms while you’re moving them in and out doesn’t happen. You’ll also find a nice rubberized coating for the handgun barrel hangers, alongside a rubber trim for the angled handgun hangers.


Handgun Storage

Gun Storage Cabinets 3 Handgun Shelf

Metal Gun Cabinet Secure Handgun Storage

Modular Gun Safe Cabinet Handgun Barrel Storage Hanger

First up is the 3 handgun shelf hanger (HGSH-3.1). Next, are 3 handgun barrel hangers lined up (HGBH-1). Lastly, you’ll find the horizontal handgun barrel hanger (HGBH.H.1) holding up the full size burnt bronze 9mm HK USP.

Note there are numerous other handgun storage hanger styles available; the same is true for rifles.


Rifle Storage

Gun Storage Solutions For Rifles Vertical Display

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Gun Security Cabinet For Rifles

For my cabinet, the WCAB-50.34.15-1 will comfortably store 9 rifles vertically.

Above the burnt bronze 308 with a 16.5” barrel and HK SP5K, there’s still ample room leftover. If you want to store more items, it’s possible depending on the barrel length.

Note the lowered hanger for the HK SP5K with the suppressor. What’s cool about these hangers and the back panel is that you can adjust them to fit each firearm precisely. Of course, even if you have a muzzle brake on one and a suppressor on another, it still works out perfectly.

If you’re considering storing antique, vintage or collector’s firearms, the plastic rim around the top hanger offers plenty of protection and the padded bottom to cushion the buttstock nicely.


Magazine Storage

1911 Magazine Hanger Container Gallowtech Gun Cabinet

Best Gun Storage Cabinets Ar Magazines

Gallow Tech Weapon Cabinet Mp5 Magazine Storage Container

Pistol Magazine Storage Bin Gallowtech Gun Cabinet Reviews

From AR magazines to 1911, MP5, handgun and beyond, Gallow Tech’s magazine hangers have you covered. Even a 50-round X-Products drum will fit.


Ammo Can Storage

Best Security Gun Cabinet 50 Cal Ammo Storage Cans

Security Ammo Can Storage Cabinet

Plastic Ammo Boxes Gun Cabinet Hanger

Both 30 cal and 50 cal ammo cans fit neatly on the bottom of the gun cabinet, and yes, the doors close without anything getting in the way.

For additional ammo storage, clear plastic ammo storage containers such as the ones from Cabelas fit nicely in the GallowTech Hangers. In the photo above, there are 2 containers holding 200 rounds. I’ve also managed to fit a 50 round .308 plastic container inside of the metal AR magazine hangers.


Tactical Gear Storage

Gallowtech Gun Cabinet Review Bipod Hanger

Helmet Shelf Gallowtech Gun Cabinet Review

Interior Storage Shelf Gallowtech Gun Cabinet

Magnetic Knife Holder Gallow Tech Metal Weapon Storage Cabinet

Small Gun Cabinet Storage Shelf

The hanger holding the bipod is actually a horizontal rifle hanger, yet, it still works. The Team Wendy M-216 helmet is resting on the large shelf, but you should know that Gallow Tech makes a really cool dedicated helmet hanger. I plan on picking up one here in the future, but to give you a better idea of the size and what you can storage inside, this should work.

Gallow Tech also makes a smaller hanger shelf which is perfect for storing things like gun oil, grease, cleaning clothes, a spare optic, shooting glasses, spare boxes of ammo, and so on.

A neat little trick I learned after checking out Gallow Tech’s Instagram page was using magnets to hold knives in place. I managed to put 5” and 7” White River Knife and Tool FIRECRAFT survival kniveson the side interior of the cabinet.

If you are looking for more specific, custom hangers, then chances are Gallow Tech has it. The last time I visited their booth at Shot Show they had a huge collection of new hangers.


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Here it is, the Gallow Technologies WCAB-50.34.15-1 weapon cabinet filled with a few of my favorite things. From rifles to handguns, magazines, ammo cans, helmets, tactical accessories and beyond, these cabinets are truly built to accommodate the needs of virtually anyone out there.

If you asked me, “Do you think this is the best gun cabinet on the planet?” I wouldn’t hesitate to say yes times a million!

In reality, it doesn’t get any better than this. The construction quality is simply out of this world. The functionality is brilliant and leaps above the rest. The special attention spent on ensuring security wasn’t overlooked makes me beyond impressed.

There you have it, the best gun cabinet ever made.


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