Best French Crop Hairstyles for Men in 2020

The French crop is currently taking the world by storm. This men’s hairstyle is extremely versatile! The crop cut consists of short back and side lengths while maintaining a slightly longer fringe.

It is a low maintenance short length cut that appeals to many men. The French crop draws inspiration from the Caesar cut, but it differs in the side and back lengths.

The fringe area in the French crop is the area of interest. There are many different ways to style, all of them giving a classy and fashionable feel. Almost any face shape can pull off this fashionable hairstyle!

Almost all of the French crop style features some type of faded or tapered side. That is what makes this men’s haircut square and tight. A beard really solidifies the french crop haircut style by adding another dimension.


1. Bald Fade + Texturized Crown

Bald Fade with Textured Crown
Source: @federicolucianii via Instagram
Bald Fade with Textured Crown
Source: @federicolucianii via Instagram
Bald Fade with Textured Crown
Source: @darribaypiedras via Instagram

The activated texture in the crown is the main focal point in this haircut. The layered hair contrasts with the faded sides to give a sharp look. In order to get this hairstyle, ask for texture and movement in the crown from your stylist.

The goal is to get the lengths to stack upon each other to create support. The textured crop equals more movement.

The bald fade is a must for this hairstyle, a medium fade suits this cut well and is a safe investment. Finger styling is used to achieve the messy crown look.

Apply a small amount of wax or pomade and work it throughout your fingers, then apply gently throughout the entirety of your hair. Begin to play with the hair lengths in the crown to create movement.


2. Bald Fade + Soft Short Fringe

Bald Fade With Soft Short Fringe
Source: @gio_stylist via Instagram
Bald Fade With Soft Short Fringe
Source: @lima_mike86 via Instagram

There is no discernible weight located in the fringe area, giving this short french crop haircut the appearance of softness. The bangs hang low and rest just below the hairline They are not cut blunt.

There should be movement in the bang/fringe area to create visual interest. Be careful not to over-texturize for this style, the overall look needs to come off as natural. Combining the soft fringe with a skin fade is a unique contrasting look that works well with many men.


3. Surgical Part

Surgical Part French Crop Hairstyle
Source: @erys.barber via Instagram

A visible line that is etched into the hairline produces a sharp image. The surgical part is almost always placed on near the temple area, but an edgier look can be achieved by placing it higher.

The surgical part honestly matches any haircut shape. It can be introduced into a fade or taper fade to add some zing, or it can be used to break up the monotony of a single length cut. A surgical part is seen as an addition to an already established side, it is not a stand alone style.


4. High And Tight Sides + Blunt Fringe

High and Tight Blunt Fringe French Crop Hairstyle
Source: @salvatoreterrano_hairstylist via Instagram
High and Tight Blunt Fringe French Crop Hairstyle
Source: @ashthebarber via Instagram
High and Tight Blunt Fringe French Crop Hairstyle
Source: @ashthebarber via Instagram

If you’re seeking short lengths and a detailed fringe, look no further. The blunt fringe outlines the face nicely, while the high bald fade highlights the perimeter. This hairstyle produces a square outline which is a desirable shape for men as it promotes masculinity.

The fringe lengths are hard and palpable. The key is to not keep the bangs too long, it will subtract from the overall squareness. The high and tight with blunt fringe is an excellent short length style.


5. Overly Textured Fringe With Short Sides

Overly Textured Fringe With Short Sides
Source: @mohammad.jafarpour_ via Instagram

This hairstyle focuses on the, “go big or go home” attitude. The bangs in the textured french crop are left longer and are heavily textured to create tons of movement, which is good for thick hair! The bangs can be blunt, or they can sweep over to either side. All the focus will be on the fringe area.

The length needs to be longer in order to create movement. If the hair is short (especially for bangs) it is sometimes difficult to create direction. Longer hair equals more movement and more room for texturizing.


6. Blunt Fringe + Texturized Crown

Blunt Fringe Texturized Crown Hairstyle
Source: @lika_ezhevika via Instagram
Blunt Fringe Texturized Crown Hairstyle
Source: @raethebarber via Instagram

Combining the heavy blunt fringe and the mesmerizing textured crown makes for a jaw-dropping hairstyle. This textured french crop haircut has texture over the entirety of the head.

The overall look is very modern. Any short length side style can be paired with the blunt fringe and texturized crown, but if you want to keep the style fashionable choose to go with a taper fade.

The taper fade blends well into the crown. One of the best ways to showcase this cut is to highlight the difference between the crown and the fringe.


7. Contrasting Side Lengths

Contrasting Side Lengths French Crop Hairstyle
Source: @hype_kappers via Instagram
Contrasting Side Lengths French Crop Hairstyle
Source: @hype_kappers via Instagram

This fringe style places the focal point on the sides of the head. In the contrasting side lengths style the hair length rapidly increases. There is no tapering or fading of the sides, it jumps from one length to another creating a fascinating result.

Establishing the contrasting side lengths on the middle part of the temple is a good start. Generally, the contrasting sides do not dip down.

They tend to follow a straight line around the head which creates a square look. The fringe can be styled however you choose!


8. Curly Crop

Curly French Crop Hairstyle
Source: @artjompetrov via Instagram

Curls are in and so is the french crop so it naturally makes sense to combine the two. The curly crop must see curly hair in the fringe area and at least some texture in the crown. The best look comes when the side lengths are faded and the curls in the fringe are maintained.

A low fade is a safe match with the curly crop. Too much volume for the bangs will alter the hairstyle taking it out of the french crop cut niche.

A great way to get more curl activation is to run mousse throughout the hair and use a diffuser to activate them. The curly crop is an excellent crop haircut with tons of direction!


9. Drop Fade + Layered Crown

The drop fade complements the layered crown cut. The two styles combined form a pleasing appearance. The hair has an overall darker appearance due to the drop fade and the crown appears to rise seamlessly out of the back of the head.

The movement in the crown can extend towards the fringe to get maximum effect. When the hair lengths stack upon each other movement is achieved. The messy crown can be achieved by using pomade and vigorously running your fingertips throughout the crown.


10. Short Fringe + Short Sides

Short Fringe Short Sides French Crop
Source: @tibby_atkinson via Instagram
Short Fringe Short Sides French Crop
Source: @guraykesman via Instagram

This french crop hairstyle resembles a modern bowl cut. The bangs are cut very short, and the sides are always faded or in a taper fade to show off the hairline. A distinguished blunt bang is one of the best ways to wear this style.

Going short all around is an excellent way to accentuate your facial features. Styling the crown is an option, but make sure not to overdo it. The focus should be on the fringe and short sides, an overly activated crown with the short lengths will tilt the balance scales.


11. Colored Crop

Colored French Crop Hairstyle
Source: @douglaschwab via Instagram
Colored French Crop Hairstyle
Source: @douglaschwab via Instagram
Colored French Crop Hairstyle
Source: @zanion via Instagram

Adding color to the french crop haircut is a great way to spice it up. Ashy gray and platinum blond are highly sought after colours and are both excellent choices for this classic french crop haircut, but they may be difficult to achieve depending on your starting hair color.

Fashion style colors are a great choice as well. A neon green or a vibrant red would suit the style nicely.

Color is heavily dependent on your personality and should reflect who you are as a person. Wear the color with confidence!


French Crop FAQs

How can I style the French crop?

Everyone has different approaches to styling the french crop, but a nice way to get started is with a decent matte clay (pomade is fine as well, it just won’t bring out the texture as much).

Apply a small amount of product evenly throughout your hands, and begin placing it evenly throughout dry hair. Some men prefer to start at the back of their head and work their way forward to ensure that there is even coverage, but it is purely personal preference.

Once the product is in, you can begin to pick and direct the hair in the direction you want it to go.

How many times will I need to visit a hairdresser?

A french crop hairstyle will generally be touched up every three to five weeks depending on how long you are willing to let your hair grow. If you have a hair tattoo or surgical part, weekly visits may be required. It all depends on how sharp you want the outline to look.

What type of fade is best?

It is impossible to say which fade is best because everybody has different facial structures. Generally, a mid-fade is the safest option. It doesn’t sit too high on the side and it is more visible than the low fade. It is not boisterous, but it makes a statement.

How can I get my crown lengths to stay up throughout the day?

Sometimes the crown lengths will fall flat if they are not supported well enough. A modest amount of hairspray will lock the hair in place. Be careful not to spray it too close, it should mist down upon not hair, not drown it.