90 Origami Tattoo Designs For Men – Folded Paper Ink Ideas

Origami tattoos offer revitalized charm to any array of ink. These Asian masterpieces are supremely ravishing and fantastically down-to-earth.

The in-depth art of folding paper is a huge cultural export from Japan that has garnered appreciation in almost every single country.

There are hundreds of different creations in the ancient art-form, and the chic magic is finally translating to ink.

There is ample difficulty associated with the practice origami, so a tattoo of your favorite folded icon will represent true mastery over the challenging field. Specific instructions can also be inked as a step-by-step diagram.

Cranes are the most widely favored incarnation of origami tattoos, but they are far from being the only option available. While they are definitely unsurpassed in their distinctness, other options carry more visceral magnetism. If you can conceive an animal, then it probably has been imagined as origami at one point or another, so feel free to think outside of the box!

The medium of paper also offers unprecedented levels of accessibility. Unlike more realistic tattoos, these creations only mandate an outline. A little shading will finalize the meta magnificence with ease. Experience the sensational metropolitan appeal with our splendid assembly of amazing origami tattoos:


3d Mens Boat Origami Small Tattoo Ideas

3d Mens Origami Lion Leg Calf Tattoo Design Ideas

3d Mens Origami Paper Airplane With Dotwork Design On Inner Arm Bicep

3d Origami Elephant Mens Thigh Tattoos

Abstract Bird Origami Watercolor Mens Tattoos

Abstract Geometric Origami Mens Wolf Tarm Tattoo

Abstract Heart Origami Bird Mens Chest And Arm Tattoo

Amazing Small Origami Fox Guys Dotwork Arm Tattoo Designs

Amazing Swan Dotwork Mens Small Origami Tattoo On Inenr Forearm

Anchor And Boat Male Origami Arm Tattoos

Awesome Male Watercolor Inner Forearm Origami Tattoo Of Birds

Awesome Mens Small Origami Duck Leg Calf Tattoo

Bicep Mens Small Black Ink Outline Animal Origami Tattoo Inspiration

Black Ink Circle Origami Bird Tattoo For Guys On Inner Forearm

Black Ink Guys Small Simple Origami Dog Arm Tattoo

Black Ink Outline Dotwork Male Origami Shoulder Wolf Tattoos

Black Ink Outline Mens Bird Origami Leg Tattoo

Black Ink Outline Minimalist Origami Guys Bird Tattoos

Blackwork Mens Skull Origami Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Blue Ink Watercolor Origami Swan Guys Forearm Tattoos

Butterfly And Rose Mens Origami Chest Tattoos

Cat With Blue Rose Flower Mens Origami 3d Tattoo On Thigh For Men

Colorful Origami Mens Forearm Birds Flying Tattoo

Colorful Origami Wolf Mens Rib Cage Side Tattoo Design Ideas

Cool Flower Origami Mens Inner Arm Tattoos

Cool Mens Birds Origami Watercolor Arm Tattoos

Cool Mens Origami Paper Airplane And Boat Tattoo On Chest

Cool Mens Panda Bear Origami Tattoo On Leg Calf

Cool Paper Origami Mens Rib Cage Side Tattoo Designs

Cool Penguin Origami Mens Arm Tattoos

Cool Small Male Shaded Origami Swan Shoulder Tattoo Designs

Decorative Mens Origami Bird Chest Tattoos

Deer Origami Guys Dotwork Back Of Leg Tattoo Design

Dotwork Circle Origami Bird Tattoo On Male

Dotwork Deer Origami Guys Forearm Tattoo Design

Dotwork Detailed Male Origami Swan Rib Cage Side Tattoos

Dotwork Negative Space Male Origami Swan Inner Arm Tattoos

Dotwork Woodcut Guys Origami Bird Hand Tattoos

Flying Bird Origami Guys Upper Chest Tattoo Design Ideas

Gentleman With Blue Ink Watercolor Origami Tattoo Of Sailboat With Black Ink Anchor On Forearm

Gentleman With Origami Bird Black Ink Outlien Geometric Tattoo Design On Hands

Geometrical Origami Wolf Mens Shoulder Tattoo

Grey And Black Ink Shaded Origami Mens Bird Leg Tattoos

Guys Circle Negative Space Origami Bird Flying From Birdhouse Mens Tattoo

Guys Origami Black Ink Lines Heart Tattoo On Chest

Guys Origami Watercolor Birds Flying Tattoo On Chest And Shoulder

Half Lion Origami Guys Leg Tattoo

Howling Wolf Pattern Origami Guys Lower Leg Tattoos

Inner Forearm Male Origami Swan Tattoo

Leg Calf Origami Dog Mens Dotwork Tattoo Designs

Lion Origami Mens Arm Tattoos

Male With Shaded Origami Upper Chest Bird Tattoo Design

Man With Dotwork Bull Origami Arm Tattoo

Man With Leg Calf Watercolor Tattoo Of Origami Bird

Man With Origami Rose Flowers Chest And Arm Tattoo

Mens Flamingo Origami Lower Leg Tattoo

Mens Revolver Origami Swan Back Tattoo

Mens Skull Origami Black Ink Outlien Inner Arm Tattoos

Mens Watercolor Chest Tattoo Of Whale With Boat Origami Ocean Tattoo

Mens Watercolor Origami Swans Tattoo

Origami Heart Male Chest Tattoo With Pattern Design

Origami Mens Skull New School Back Of Leg Tattoo

Origami Swan Mens Detailed Chest Tattoos

Origami Swan Mens Forearm Sleeve Tattoos

Panda Bear Origami Mens Rib Cage Side Tattoo

Pug Dog Mens Origami Tattoo Ideas

Rib Cage Side And Chest Paper To Origami Bird Male Tattoo Designs

Rib Cage Side Mens Origami Horse Tattoo Designs

Rose Flowers Mens Origami Arm And Shoulder Tattoo

Sailboat With Anchor Mens Origami Lower Tattoos

Sea Shell Male Origami Turtle Chest Tattoo With Watercolor Design

Shaded Black And Grey Ink Guys Origami Fox Back Tattoo

Sketeched Swan Origami Mens Inner Arm Tattoo Ideas

Skull With Rose Flower And 3d Honeycomb Design Mens Origami Leg Tattoos

Small Boat With Wave Origami Tattoos For Guys

Small Pitbull Dog Origami Arm Tattoos For Guys

Small Simple Running Deer Mens Origami Arm Tattoos

Sparrow Origami Mens Chest Tattoos

Three Birds Male Origami Black And Orange Tattoo Designs

Three Origami Figures Mens Forearm Tattoo Designs

Trash Polka Abstract Origami Bird Mens Arm Tattoos

Tree With Flying Birds Origami Arm And Chest Tattoos For Men

Watercolor Swan Origami Male Tattoo Inspiration On Arm

Yoda Mens Origami 3d Forearm Tattoo