70 Traditional Shark Tattoo Designs For Men – Old School Ideas

These terrifying but undeniably awesome creatures of the deep have struck terror and fascination in the hearts and imaginations of the seafaring and landlubbing alike since time immemorable.

Sharks are the ultimate symbol of our worst fears, of depths as black as midnight, and the coldness of the predators that await us.

Sharks are creatures of force and dominance, a wild reminder that man was not the first to take to the water. Hollywood has gleefully piqued our obsession with these behemoths with films like Jaws and Deep Blue Sea, while older shark lore carries an almost otherworldly, alien-like nature.

Seasoned sailors have long upheld the tradition of inking shark tattoos on their flesh to invoke the blessings of the sea gods and receive protection for the duration of dangerous voyages. The shark has similarly come to represent a badge of honor, a sign that its wearer fears neither death nor the deep.

Hawaiian mythology tells us that sharks were ancient gods in disguise, and that by performing rituals in their honor loved ones could be transformed into powerful beings upon their deaths. In other cultures sharks represent the metaphorical bridge between the land and the sea, believed by the tribes of Fiji to protect sailors and fishermen. Tribal Australian folklore tells of shape-shifting shark entities that freely roam about as they please.

The old school shark tattoo is a mark of the individual who takes to the land and sea with equal lust for adventure and the unknown, the emblem of one who understands the law of nature and embraces, rather than fears, it.

1. Forearm Traditional Shark Tattoos

Amazing Skull With Shark Mens Traditional Outer Forearm Tattoo

Banner Around Shark Traditional Guys Inner Forearm Tattoos

Cool Small Traditional Shark Mens Outer Forearm Tattoos

Green Waves With Shark Mens Traditional Tattoos On Inner Forearm

Japanese Traditional Mens Shark Inner Forearm Tattoos

Ocean Sunset Mens Shark Traditional Outer Forearm Tattoo

Outer Forearm Tattoo Of Shaded Traditional Shark For Men

Portrait With Shark Guys Traditional Outer Forearm Tattoo Design Ideas

Shaded Detailed Shark And Sailing Ship Traditional Tattoo Ideas For Men On Outer Forearm

Shark Jaw Traditional Guys Forearm Tattoo Design Ideas

Skyline Shark Mens Traditional Forearm Tattoos


2. Bicep Traditional Shark Tattoos

Awesome Shark Jaw Mens Masculine Traditional Inner Arm Bicep Tattoo

Cool Greek God With Shark Male Traditional Inner Arm Tattoos

Inner Arm Bicep Traditional Shark With Flower Tattoo For Men

Mens Traditional Shark Rope Inner Arm Bicep Tattoos


3. Arm Traditional Shark Tattoos

Amazing Mens Traditional Arm Shark Tattoo

Arm Vintage Shark Mens Traditional Tattoos

Colorful Guys Traditional Arm Shark Tattoos

Cool Shark Swallowing Legs Mens Traditional Arm Tattoo Ideas

Hammerhead Shark Mens Traditional Outer Arm Tattoo With Rose Flower Design

Mens Traditional Anchor And Shark Tattoo On Inner Arm

Outer Arm Guys Sailor With Shark Traditional Tattoos

Shark With Dog Tags Mens Traditional Arm Tattoos

Small Simple Mens Traditional Shark Arm Tattoo

Unique Mens Artistic Traditional Shark Arm Tattoo


4. Sleeve Traditional Shark Tattoos

Sharks Guys Full Arm Themed Traditional Tattoos


5. Chest Traditional Shark Tattoos

Anchor With Shark Mens Black Ink Outline Traditional Chest Tattoo

Artistic Male Traditional Shark Upper Chest Tattoos

Ocean Waves Mens Traditional Shark Upper Chest Tattoo

Traditional Shark And Bald Eagle Mens Full Chest Tattoos

Two Traditional Sharks Mens Upper Chest Tattoos


6. Side Traditional Shark Tattoos

Mens Nautical Rib Cage Side Traditional Shark Tattoo Ideas

Mens Traditional Shark With Lighthouse Rib Cage Side Tattoos


7. Rib Traditional Shark Tattoos

Tribal Traditional Shark Mens Lower Leg Tattoo


8. Leg Traditional Shark Tattoos

Dad Memorial Traditional Shark And Sailing Ship Mens Leg Tattoos

Back Of Leg Guys Swimming Hammerhead Shark Traditional Tattoos

Mens Swimming Shark Traditional Back Of Leg Tattoo

Guys Old School Traditional Shark And Anchor Leg Tattoo

Lower Leg Traditional Old School Mens Shark Tattoo Ideas

Mens Harpoon Shark Traditional Lower Leg Tattoos

Nautical Traditional Shark Mens Leg Tattoo Ideas

Rope Frame Mens Traditional Shark Leg Tattoo Ideas

Shark Swallowing Sialing Ship Guys Traditional Leg Calf Tattoos

Ship Captain With Shark Mens Traditional Leg Tattoo

Skull With Shark Traditional Leg Calf Tattoos For Guys

Guys Traditional Dagger And Shark Leg Tattoo


9. Thigh Traditional Shark Tattoos

Anchor With Shark Traditional Tattoo On Mans Thigh

Awesome Mens Manly Traditional Shark And Pirate Tattoo On Thigh

Form Follows Function Banner Mens Traditional Shark Thigh Tattoo

Mens Bleeding Shark Traditional Thigh Tattoo

Awesome Mens Traditional Shark Thigh Tattoos


10. Shoulder Traditional Shark Tattoos

Guys Japanese Shaded Traditional Shark Shoulder Tattoo Ideas


11. Shin Traditional Shark Tattoos

Shin Traditional Shark Tattoos For Men


12. Hand Traditional Shark Tattoos

Agressive Shark Mens Traditional Hand Tattoo Ideas

Mens Traditional Shark In Water Hand Tattoo


13. Finger Traditional Shark Tattoos

Finger Traditional Shark Tattoos For Guys


14. Elbow Traditional Shark Tattoos

Elbow Mens Bloody Shark Traditional Tattoo With Old School Design

Simple Traditional Shark Mens Elbow Tattoos


15. Head Traditional Shark Tattoos

Manly Black Hammerhead Traditional Shark Mens Leg Tattoos

Mens Traditional Shark Head Tattoos


16. Palm Traditional Shark Tattoos

Palm Mens Traditional Shark Black Ink Outline Tattoo


17. Traditional Shark Tattoos

Anchor With Shark Mens Traditional Thumb Tattoos

Awesome Mens Traditional Thigh Shark Tattoos

Creative Old School Traditional Guys Shark Tattoo On Arm

Man With Traditional Hammerhead Shark Spear Tricep Tattoo

Shaded Traditional Black And Grey Ink Shark Tattoo For Guys


18. More Traditional Shark Tattoo Ideas

Guys Inner Elbow Traditional Old School Shark Tattoo

Retro Old School Guys Traditional Shark Tattoos