70 Tomahawk Tattoo Designs For Men – American Indian Axe Ideas

From the Native Americans to European colonials, the tomahawk is one tool with a long standing history.

The single-handed axe gained the name from “Powhatan tamahaac”, the Proto-Algonquian root, which literally means to cut off by tool.

Just take a trip back to the historical times of the Algonquian Indians, and you’ll find the tomahawk’s use in everything from chopping to weaponry while on the hunt. Each featured a carved wooden handle paired to a stone axe-blade with pieces of rawhide.

However, it wasn’t until after the settlement of Europeans till tomahawks could be found with the new addition of metal blades for sheer strength. The advent of iron making technology helped paved the way for a progressive design.

Interestingly enough, one of the greatest meanings behind the tomahawk stems from its two distinctive ends. As the Native Americans and Europeans met, one end represented the pipe of peace, while the other, an axe of the war.

With that said, take a moment to explore these top 70 best tomahawk tattoo designs for men below. You’ll get a better idea of their true history alongside gaining some inspiration for your next piece of ink!


3d Tomahawk Mens Tattoo Design Ideas

American Indian Tomahawk Tattoo With Red Rising Sun On Mans Arm

Awesome Mens Red Ink Tomahawk Shoulder Tattoos

Below Knee Leg Tomahawk Tattoo With Blood Design For Guys

Black Ink Outlined Tomahawk Guys Tattoo On Thigh

Black Ink Tomahawk Mens Bicep Tattoos

Black Shaded Mens Tomahawk Tattoo Ideas On Back Of Upper Arm

Black Tomahawk Tattoo With Yellow Cord For Men On Arm

Broken Snapped Wood Tomahawk With Teal Rope Cord And Stone Axe Head Tattoo For Men

Classic Native American Indian Tomahawk Tattoo With Colorful Ink For Men

Colorful Tomahawk Guys Tattoo On Lower Leg

Cool Double Tomahawks Crossed Together Guys Hand Tattoo Above The Knuckle

Cool Male Tomahawk Tattoo Ideas

Cool Mens Tomahawk Tattoo On Arm

Cool Tomahawk Ribbon Tattoo For Men On Leg

Detailed Wood Handle Stone Axe Head Tomahawk Mens Elbow Tattoo

Double Crossed Tomahawks Tattoo For Men On Arm

Feathers With Tomahawk Mens Forearm Tattoo

Forearm Mens Old School Tomahawk Tattoo With Wood Handle

Full Stomach And Chest Hand Holding Tomahawk Mens Tattoo Design

Gentleman With Snake Wrapped Around Tomahawk Tattoo On Arm

Guys Bicep Tomahawk Traditional Native American Indian Tattoos

Guys Inner Forearm Tomahawk Tattoo Idea Inspiration

Guys Small Tomahawk Tattoo Ideas On Leg By Knee Cap

Guy With Skull And Old School Tomahawk Design Tattoo On Forearm

Half Back Mens Tattoo Of Native American Tomahawks With Bald Eagle Design

Indian Tomahawk Tattoo Ideas For Guys

Knuckle Hand Mens Tomahawk Axe Style Tattoo

Leg Tomahawk Tattoo For Men

Lower Wrist Tomahawk With Feathers Male Tattoo

Male With Small Tomahawk Tattoo Old School Design Style

Male With Tomahawk And Blue Cord Holding Stone Axe Tattoo On Arm

Manly Tomahawk With Bear Roaring Tattoo On Mans Arm

Man With Black Ink Tomahawk Tattoo On Head With Red Beads

Man With Lower Leg Ankle Tomahawk Tattoo With Shaded Black Ink

Man With Old School Tomahawk And Green Leaves Tattoo

Man With Sailor Jerry Themed Tomahawk Tattoo On Lower Leg

Masculine Tomahawk Bicep Tattoo For Guys

Mens Arm Tomahawk Skull Tattoo Design

Native American Themed Tomahawk Tattoos For Men On Thigh Of Leg

Native American Tribe Tomahawk Tattoo For Males

Old School Tomahawk Leg Tattoo For Men

Outer Forearm Guys Tomahawk Tattoo Design With Black Ink Shaded Wood Handle

Outer Forearm Tomahawk Guys Tattoo Ideas

Outline Tomahawk Tattoo Style On Mans Arm

Pizza Tomahawk Tattoo Abstract Triangles For Men

Retro Tomahawk Tattoo Style On Mans Inner Forearm

Rising Sun Broken Wood Tomahawk Tattoo With Feathers On Mans Arm

Simple Tomahawk Tattoo For Guys

Small Black Ink Shaded Mens Tomahawk Tattoo Inspiration

Small Guys Tomahawk Hand Tattoo Above Knuckles

Small Simple Tomahawk Male Head Tattoo By The Ear

Stay Strong Tomahawk With Ribbon Mens Leg Tattoos

Stone Axe Tomahawk Mens Leg Thigh Tattoo Design Inspiration

Tomahawk Outer Forearm Male Tattoo Design Inspiration

Tomahawk With Shaded Axe Head Mens Tattoo

Tomahawk With Skull Tooth And Feather Mens Outer Forearm Tattoo

Traditional Black Ink Guys Tomahawk Tattoo On Arm

Traditional Native American Tribe Tomahawk Male Tattoo Design

Upper Arm Native American Woman With Tomahawk Mens Tattoo

Upper Leg Thigh Tomahawk Tattoo For Men With Old School Traditional Design

Upper Shoulder And Arm Mens American Indian Tattoo Of Tomahawk

Warrior Tomahawk With Sun In Background Mens Arm Tattoo Ideas

Watercolor Guys Tomahawk Tattoos On Arm

Watercolor Red And White Ink Tomahawk Tattoos For Males

Wood Stone Tomahawk Mens Arm Tattoos

Wrist And Forearm Tomahawk Tattoo With Feathers For Guys

Yellow Rose Tomahawk Tattoo For Men