60 Hiking Tattoos For Men – Outdoor Trek Design Ideas

The great outdoors call to us at all times, but it is the rare man who rises to answer.

Hiking is one of life’s greatest joys, a test of the mind, body, and spirit, and those who set out into the wild always know in some small psychological realm that they may not return home.

Still, the mountains call, leaving you no choice but to answer.

A hiking tattoo, be it a compass, pair of boots, map, or panoramic view of the mountains, accompanies you like a protective emblem wherever you go. You are a man who seizes any chance to escape the so-called civilized life and return to your true roots. You need the wide open terrain and fresh air, a chance to acquire a new perspective and broaden your own horizons. Who can possibly obtain that in the chaotic metropolitan?

The hiker never settles for long, and is always looking for new trails and undiscovered territory. Whether your passion is a weekend pursuit or life philosophy, your hiking tattoo is your permanent North star. Wherever it accompanies you, you are never far from home.

Much of the world may have been conquered and colonized, but those green enclaves and primordial retreats still exist. They await your arrival, and challenge you to return to the roots of your origins. Now that you have heard the call, what will your inked totem be?

1. Forearm Hiking Tattoos

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2. Bicep Hiking Tattoos

Modern Male Hiking Tattoos

Hiking Tattoo For Guys


3. Arm Hiking Tattoos

Mens Tattoos Hiking

Mens Hiking Tattoos

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Guys Designs Hiking Tattoos


4. Chest Hiking Tattoos

Stylish Mens Hiking Tattoos

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5. Thigh Hiking Tattoos

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6. Side Hiking Tattoos

Male With Hiking Tattoos

Gentleman With Hiking Tattoo


7. Leg Hiking Tattoos

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Hiking Tattoo For Men

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8. Calf Hiking Tattoos

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9. Back Hiking Tattoos

Sweet Mens Hiking Tattoo Ideas

Unique Hiking Tattoos For Men