60 Glock Tattoo Ideas For Men – Handgun Designs

Few firearm names are as instantly recognizable as the Glock, and that name carries a legacy and enduring responsibility in equal parts.

A series of polymer-framed, locked-breach semi-automatic pistols, the Glock was initially produced for and by the Austrian military, and would later become a police staple thanks to its famed dependability and safety standards.

This “plastic gun” may have drawn its fair share of skeptics at first, but the Glock has proven its worth, and no less than in tattoo form.

A civilian favorite, the Glock is a no-nonsense piece for the equal minded firearm carrier. Appearances can be deceiving, and the Glock’s potent performance proves that what looks like a toy to one may very well be the death of another. The Glock tattoo speaks of your own affinity for function over form; you’re not interested in concealing a brick, but need something light and easy to operate.

This is a gun for those who want to defend themselves and their loved ones with minimal fuss or hinderance, and your Glock tattoo will no doubt send a message to the world that it would be a huge mistake to cross your path with trouble in mind.

The Glock may be a civilian favorite and regular feature in pop culture references, but you understand the true value of the piece. A regular high performer in safety and stability tests, the Glock is proof that one can and should depend on their weapons of self defense no matter the material or following. Your Glock tattoo is both a statement of and testament to the man who protects himself and his own.


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