51 Geometric Forearm Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Arguably the most exposed area of a man’s body in even the most conservative environments, the forearms can be a powerful platform for showcasing the best tattoo work.

Geometric designs are both sophisticated and sexy, and speak of a classier penchant for the world of ink art.

And should anyone question the history of sacred tattoo geometry, just enlighten them to the fact that the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Indians honored the geometric world of shapes and patterns in everything from their architecture to mathematical equations.

From hexagonal cells to prismatic flowers, geometric forearm tattoos were made for finer geometric forms. A traditional Japanese wave can be transformed through geometric dimensional circles, while a succession of arrows raining down the forearm in darkly descending hues creates a beautiful contradiction of both the simple and complex.

Designs intended to form a whole once the forearms are brought together are particularly stunning, allowing for an endless combination of subjects ranging from dazzling shapes to majestic animals.

Those who wear their tattoo creations on their forearms intend for them to be seen without apologies or explanations. Be prepared, however, to withstand the waves of praise that are bound to come your way thanks to an irresistible geometric upgrade.


3d Geometric Forearm Tattoo Ideas For Males

This is an interesting tattoo that uses geometric shapes to create an eye-catching design that is reminiscent of the optical illusions from childhood. Immediately noticeable in this piece is the large, three-dimensional, recessed cube at the top of the tattoo. This shape is remarkable thanks to the intelligent use of variation between saturated black, dense stipple work and negative space to create the illusion of being three-dimensional. The near-perfect line work in this piece is also impressive. Finally, the incorporation of the overlapping diamonds, with a clever use of stipple work to further create a sense of depth, improves the overall composition and completes this one of a kind tattoo.

3d Realistic Skull Geometric Forearm Male Tattoos

This piece uses interesting geometric shapes and creates stylistic contrast with the incorporation of a photorealistic human skull. The level of detail in the skull is impressive: the different grooves and imperfections in the bone are expertly captured, using excellent black and gray shading to create texture. The gradation of tones on the top of the skull, from dark gray on the sides, all the way to full negative space at the center, perfectly recreates the spherical shape that typifies the human skull. The angular, geometric shapes in the background, created using fine lines as well as stipple work, contrast well with natural lines of the skull and improve the composition of this interesting blend of concepts.

3d Red And Grey Ink Geometric Forearm Tattoo Ideas On Guys

This piece takes a seemingly simple design—part of a set of geometric shapes known as vector illustrations—and uses an expert application to create an interesting tattoo. The line work in the tattoo is clean and precise, with each of the cubes that contribute to the larger design remaining uniform in their proportions, an essential trait in these geometric tattoos. The simple alternation between saturated black, stipple shading and negative space works perfectly to create the variation in patterns that lets each of the different shapes stand out from the others and produce the illusion of three-dimensions. The limited use of red in the center cube adds just enough color to pop without overpowering the subtlety of the general concept.

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Cool Geometric Forearm Tattoo Design Ideas For Male

This is an interesting piece that uses alternating geometric patterns to create a one of a kind tattoo. Most interesting in this piece is not necessarily the different patterns themselves, but the greater effect they create when placed together. The contrast between the top and bottom designs is not so extreme: they are both angular patterns, one using negative space more predominantly, the other utilizing bolder lines to create the shapes. However, when the third pattern—resembling the organic shape of fish scales—is incorporated an interesting juxtaposition is produced that highlights the incongruous nature of the contrasting patterns. The top and bottom shapes have an inorganic, man-made feel about them, while the center pattern distinctly feels inspired by the natural world. This is an interesting design that more than likely holds a deeper meaning for the wearer than just looking cool.

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Male Cool Geometric Female Portrait With Animal Skull Forearm Tattoo Ideas

This is a stunning black and gray piece that incorporates different styles and techniques to create an interesting and unique tattoo. Immediately, the eye is drawn to the woman’s face, a beautiful rendition using expert black and gray shading that is smooth and consistent, perfectly capturing her expression. The other elements, including the leaves at the bottom of the piece and the saber-tooth tiger skull on her head, utilize the same shading technique and are perfectly executed. The geometric shapes in the background not only contrast stylistically with the smooth lines of the woman’s face and hair but in the technique applied: the use of dense stipple shading also adds another layer of distinction from the other design elements. This tattoo is a great example of how the subtle use of geometry can enhance a design without defining it.

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Mens Cool Geometric The Great Wave With Flower Of Life Red Ink Forearm Tattoo Ideas

This is a lovely little tattoo that takes a classic element in Japanese tattooing and gives it a modern update. These crashing waves are a recreation of a famous painting called “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” from the 1830’s, expertly applied using a circular frame to improve the composition of this notable image. The line work and black and gray shading that form the waves are clean and consistent, while the limited use of color adds an interesting touch that helps set it apart from other similar designs. The red geometric shapes in the background are known as the “Flower of Life” and are a key element in sacred geometry, symbolizing the interconnectedness and unity of the universe and no doubt hold special significance for the wearer.  

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Mens Tattoo Ideas With Spiral Geometric Inner Forearm Design

This black and gray piece uses layered geometric patterns to create an interesting tattoo. At the center of the design is a nautilus shell, a creature whose shell has long been used as a visual representation of the Golden Ratio, a mathematical formula found throughout the natural world. The clean line work in the shell is excellent and is reminiscent of lithographs. The layered rectangles that spiral out from the shell are almost perfectly applied: this is a gorgeous and complex tattoo that would be a disaster in the hands of a lesser artist.

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