50 Cool Back Tattoos For Men – Expansive Canvas Design Ideas

Arguably the body’s most expansive canvas, the back is an ideal location for epic tattoo masterpieces. Whether it’s a full-back Japanese inspired design or intricately detailed angel wings that cascade down the shoulders and along the spine, the back is a territory that begs for a bigger picture.

Possible back tattoo schemes can include mythical scenes (kraken devouring a sailing vessel, anyone?) or dramatic iconology such as Asian dragons or saints & sinners.

Or how about mystical tarot spreads and vintage playing card designs and beyond?

Some may prefer to use the back as a blank page for penning a sweeping stanza or declaration deserving of the space and stature, with biblical passages, as well as the likes of Shakespeare and Sun Tzu (author of The Art of War) providing endless guidance and inspiration, while the wittier (but equally knowledgeable) quips of Oscar Wilde and Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk make light of life’s absurdities.

A particularly spiritual tattoo, the sacred Hindu mandala represents the universe in exquisite detail, and is a poetic reminder that we are all small but significant parts of one glorious whole.


3d Anchor Shaded Mens Cool Back Tattoos

3d Realistic Motorcycle Rider Guys Cool Back Tattoos

Abstract Moon Guys Cool Center Of Back Tattoos

Angel Wings With Ship In A Bottle Guys Cool Upper Back Tattoos

Animal Skulls With Heart Guys Cool Back Tattoos

Black And Yellow Koi Fish Japanese Cool Back Tattoos For Guys

Black Ink Outline Cool Mens Demon Mask Flower Upper Back Tattoo

Black Ink Outline Guys Shapes Circles Cool Back Tattoo

Blackwork Old School Retro Cool Guys Back Tattoo

Colorful Cool Guys Full Back Tattoo Inspiration

Colorful Outerspace Cool Mens Back Tiger Tattoos

Cool Back Geometric Bear Mens Back Tattoos

Cool Mens Geometric Blackwork Full Back Tattoos

Cool Traditional Japanese Male Full Back Tattoo Designs

Demon Mask Oni Male Cool Back Japanese Tattoos

Foo Dog Cool Guys Full Back Tattoo Design Ideas

Full Back 3d Skull Ornate Guys Cool Back Tattoos

Gentleman With Decorative Skull Cool Back Tattoo

Greek God Portrait With Geometric Flower Of Life Pattern Mens Cool Back Tattoos

Guitar Sunset With Soundwave Design Upper Back Mens Cool Tattoo Ideas

Guys Cool Old School Traditional Snake And Skull Full Back Tattoos

Guy With Unique Cool Bridge And Religious Themed Full Back Tattoos

Half Back Cool Guys Tribal Tattoos With Black Ink Design

Half Back Cool Mens Snake Japanese Tattoo Deisgns

Half Back Guys Cool Angel Wing Tattoos

Incredible Cool Birds Mens Full Back Tatoo Design Ideas

Manly Mens Cool Full Back Tattoo Design Of Skull

Man With Cool 3d Snake Realistic Upper Back Tattoo

Mens 3d Skeleton Bones Cool Back Tattoo Designs

Mens Back Tattoo Of Cool Violin With Skull

Mens Cool 3d Blue Skull Full Back Tattoos

Mens Cool Samuari Helmet Back Tattoo With Japanese Design

Mens Glowing Yellow And Black Ink Cool Back Tattoos

Mens Kraken Full Back Cool Tattoo Design Ideas

Mountain Landscape With Bridge Cool Mens Back Tattoos

Nautical Star With Map Guys Cool Back Tattoo

Ornate Eye Upper Back Mens Cool Tattoo Ideas

Pirate With Map Guys 3d Cool Back Tattoos

Samuari Warrior Guys Cool Watercolor Back Tattoos

Shaded Realistic 3d Viking Ship Guys Cool Back Tattoos

Skeletons Riding Horses In Battle Guys Cool Shaded Black And Grey Back Tattoos

Skull With Lizard Guys Cool Back Tattoo

Spider Web With Female Portrait Guys Cool Upper Back Tattoos

Tiger With Water Waves Mens Cool Japanese Back Tattoo Ideas

Traditional Tribal Masculine Cool Back Tattoos For Guys

Viking Ship Mens Watercolor Cool Back Tattoo Ideas

Warrior Riding Horse Guys Manly Cool Back Tattoos

Welder Underwater Guys Cool Creative Back Tattoos

Wolf Howling At The Moon Cool Upper Back Tattoos For Men