50 Conventional Flower Tattoo Designs For Males – Outdated Faculty Floral Concepts

Female, stunning and aromatic, flower tattoos have lengthy been the purview of the fairer intercourse. But males at the moment are opening up their hearts and minds to the thought of adorning their very own our bodies with conventional flower tattoos.

Males who’re drawn to the thought of flower tattoos embody quite a lot of traits.

For instance, the basic lotus tattoo. Males who establish themselves as being enlightened select to symbolize this otherworldly feeling with the eight-petaled lotus flower. Whereas some select to maintain the entire petals in a single shade, others go for a multi-hued lotus, with every petal representing completely different values resembling love and purity.

Those that admire the Japanese arts usually discover flowers intertwined with conventional Japanese characters. The juxtaposition of delicate cherry blossoms blooming on the robust masculine kind can create a whirlwood of feelings. In Chinese language tradition, the chyrsanthemum is given to family and friends in periods of finest needs and congratulations. Thus, you might want to use this flower to symbolize sure accomplishments by yourself life path.

Not all flower tattoos should be in shade to showcase their power. The facility of a rose will be felt in a vivid blood pink hue, but in addition in a delicate shaded melange of grays, maybe to symbolize the lack of somebody you liked.

1. Forearm Conventional Flower Tattoos

Animal Skull With Rose Flowers Mens Traditional Forearm Tattoos

Colorful Outer Forearm Traditional Flower Tattoo Designs For Men

Dagger Through Rose Flower Guys Traditional Forearm Tattoo

Mountain Landscape With Flowers Mens Traditional Forearm Tattoo

Skeleton Hand Holding Bouquet Of Flowers Traditional Mens Arm Tattoo


2. Bicep Conventional Flower Tattoos

Mens Yellow Rose Flower Traditional Small Bicep Tattoo

Skull With Rose Guys Traditional Flower Arm Tattoo Ideas


3. Arm Conventional Flower Tattoos

Gentleman With Traditional Flower Spartan Helmet Arm Tattoo

Black And Grey Flower With Ship Traditional Guys Arm Tattoos

Flowers With Eyes In A Planter Pot Mens Traditional Tattoo On Arm


4. Wrist Conventional Flower Tattoos

White Rose Small Guys Traditional Flower Wrist Tattoo


5. Chest Conventional Flower Tattoos

Cool Traditional Dagger Through Rose With Snake Guys Chest Tattoo

Guy With Traditional Shaded Black And Grey Flower Chest Tattoo

Male Traditional Flower Sailing Ship Tattoo On Upper Chest

Mens Rose Flower With Hourglass Traditional Upper Chest Tattoo

Owl With Lantern And Flowers Mens Traditional Chest Tattoo

Tiger With Flowers And Female Portrait Traditional Guys Chest Tattoo

Traditional Moth Rose Flowers Guys Upper Chest Tattoo


6. Again Conventional Flower Tattoos

Horses With Flowers Guys Old School Traditional Back Tattoo


7. Leg Conventional Flower Tattoos

Coffin With Negative Space Flowers Mens Traditional Leg Tattoo

Guys Sailing Ship With Red Flower Traditional Leg Tattoo

Mens Record Player Traditional Shaded Leg Tattoos

Mother Memorial Rose Flower Traditional Mens Leg Tattoo

Small Simple Mens Heart Eye With Flower Leg Traditional Tattoo

Unqiue Mens Traditional Flower Pot Old School Leg Tattoo


8. Shoulder Conventional Flower Tattoos

Skull With Dagger And Flower Mens Traditional Upper Arm Tattoo

Black Ink Guys Traditional Shoulder Tattoo

Female With Flower Guys Traditional Shoulder Tattoo


9. Hand Conventional Flower Tattoos

Guys Red Retro Traditional Rose Flower Tattoo On Hand

Colorful Traditional Hand Mens Flower Tattoo Designs

Grim Reaper With Flower Mens Old School Traditional Hand Tattoo

Heavily Shaded Traditional Flower Guys Black And White Ink Hand Tattoo

Mens Traditional Shaded Rose Flower Hand Tattoo

Traditional Male Red Flower Old School Hand Tattoos


10. Elbow Conventional Flower Tattoos

Eye With Flower Guys Traditional Elbow Old School Tattoos

Elbow Male Ornate Traditional Flower Tattoo


11. Neck Conventional Flower Tattoos

Amazing Mens Dagger Rose Flower Traditional Neck Tattoo

Black Crow With Flower Guys Traditional Neck Tattoo

Red And Black Rose Flower Traditional Mens Neck Tattoo

Awesome Mens Traditional Rose Flower Neck Tattoo

Retro Guys Traditional Neck Flower Tattoo Ideas


12. Head Conventional Flower Tattoos

Black And White Ink Guys Traditional Flower Head Tattoo


13. Knee Conventional Flower Tattoos

Mens Knee Cap Red Rose Flower Traditional Tattoo Design Ideas

Mens Knee Black Flower With Eye Traditional Tattoo