50 Cloud Chest Tattoos For Men – Blue Sky Ink Design Ideas

Go into the blue with a cloud chest tattoo. There is an incredible amount of symbolism hidden on your chest with a cloud piece. Those clouds, hanging in a blue sky, obscure the road ahead; obscure the future.

The ancient moniker “into the wild blue yonder” rings true for anybody brave enough for this chest-wide tattoo.

Venturing into the blue is to go beyond. It is to bravely enter into the unknown with a heart wide open for endless possibility. This kind of metaphysical exploration is only reserved for the bravest of heart. Fittingly, the blue of this tattoo will be sitting right over yours.

But going into the blue isn’t just about the unknown, it’s about going far. It’s for those of you who do not save any energy for the swim back. It’s for the type of person who would sign up for a mission to Mars with no guarantee of return.

And you can articulate a story with what’s underneath those clouds. Perhaps the clouds are parting to show you the gates of heaven; the ultimate journey into the wild blue yonder.

The clouds can also be misting a mountain scene, showing anybody brave enough to venture into your soul that is a rocky climb ahead. Or the clouds could stand above a beautiful beach, showing calm in the face of the unknown.


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