50 3D Cross Tattoo Designs For Men – Jesus Ink Ideas

The cross is perhaps one of the most recognized symbols of all time, commonly associated with the Christian religion but also containing deep connections to various branches and interpretations of the faith.

Memorializing the crucifixion of Christ, the cross is symbolic of sacrifice, love, and unquestionable devotion.

There have been an abundance of cross designs developed over the course of history, beginning with the simple Latin cross of the early Medieval centuries. From there the Greek baptismal, Celtic, Russian Orthodox, papal, budded, and victor’s crosses all experienced eventual development and reverence. A popular tattoo choice since time immemorable, the 3D cross has since earned its place among powerful devotees of both the symbol and all it evokes.

The 3D cross tattoo can be worn anywhere on the body, particularly places of significance such as the heart and points of crucifixion (wrists, ankles, etc.) The 3D cross is an ideal design for men who desire the utmost realness and creative edge in their tattoo.

Carefully employed using soft curvature and beveled sides, the 3D cross appears slightly raised in appearance, giving the impression of so much more than mere tattoo art, but a way of life and faith you can almost reach out and touch like a moving, pulsing thing. Best of all, the 3D technique can be applied to any cross design, from the traditional Catholic rendering to primitive tribal depictions.

1. Forearm 3D Cross Tattoos

Amazing Mens 3d Mother Mary With Jesus On The Cross Forearm Sleeve Tattoo

Black And Grey Ink Male Shaded 3d Forearm Tattoo Designs

Church Window 3d Cross Mens Forearm Sleeve Tattoos

Guys Forearm Broken Glass Realistic 3d Cross Tattoos

Inner Forearm Guys 3d Metal Cross Tattoo Ideas

Religious Jesus Christ Cross 3d Guys Inner Forearm Tattoo

Unique Glowing Cross Guys Small 3d Cross Tattoo Designs On Outer Forearm


2. Bicep 3D Cross Tattoos

3d Skull Graveyard Cross Stone Mens Bicep Tattoo Ideas

Broken Stone 3d Bible Verse Cross Mens Inner Arm Bicep Tattoos

Cemetery Woods 3d Celtic Cross Leg Sleeve Tattoo


3. Arm 3D Cross Tattoos

3d Cross With Jesus Portrait Arm Tattoo Ideas For Men

Female Portrait With Crown Rosary 3d Cross Mens Arm Tattoos

Guys 3d Stone Cross Arm Tattoo Designs

Heavily Shaded Mens 3d Cross Tattoo On Arm

Male With Sun Ray 3d Cross Tattoo On Arm

Mens 3d Knight Helmet Realistic 3d Arm Tattoo

Mens Celtic Cross Realistic 3d Tattoo Ideas On Upper Arm

Small Simple 3d Cross Mens Arm Tattoo Ideas

Angel Holding Cross Guys Amazing 3d Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs


4. Sleeve 3D Cross Tattoos

Full Arm Sleeve Religious Mens 3d Cross Tattoo Designs

Eternal Heart With Mother Mary Guys Religious 3d Cross Leg Sleeve Tattoo


5. Chest 3D Cross Tattoos

Angel Holding Cross With Lord Forgive Me Quote Mens 3d Chest Tattoos

Man With 3d Banner Cross Upper Chest Tattoo

Bleeding 3d Cross Chest Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Manly Angel With Cross Guys Upper Chest 3d Tattoos

Mens Skulls Detailed 3d Chest Cross Tattoo Designs

Mother Mary Inside 3d Cross Guys Upper Chest Tattoo


6. Back 3D Cross Tattoos

3d Cross Angel Wings Mens Back Tattoo

Awesome Mens Jesus Realistic 3d Cross Back Tattoos

Cool Guys Ornate 3d Cross Shaded Tattoo On Back

Incredible Full Back 3d Cross Male Tattoo Ideas

Lion Wood Cross Male 3d Back Tattoos

Mens 3d Cross Tattoo On Upper Back With Simple Design

Realistic 3d Jesus On The Cross Wood Mens Back Tattoo Designs

Small Metal Necklace 3d Cross Back Tattoos For Men


7. Side 3D Cross Tattoos

3d Cross With Boxing Gloves And Crown Rib Cage Side Tattoos For Guys

Masculine Celtic 3d Cross Rib Cage Side Tattoo For Males


8. Rib 3D Cross Tattoos

Bible Verse Quote With Cross Guys 3d Rib Tattoos

Mens 3d Vintage Cross Rib Cage Side Tattoo


9. Leg 3D Cross Tattoos

Back Of Leg Calf Guys Minimalistic 3d Cross Tattoo

Hand Holding Rosary With Cross Mens 3d Forearm Tattoo

Cool Guys 3d Lower Leg Rosary Cross Tattoo Design Inspiration


10. Shoulder 3D Cross Tattoos

Shoulder Blade Hand Holding Cross Mens 3d Tattoos


11. Hand 3D Cross Tattoos

Mens Radiant Glowing Cross 3d Hand Tattoo Ideas


12. Finger 3D Cross Tattoos

Small Detailed Jesus On The Cross 3d Mens Finger Tattoo


13. 3D 3D Cross Tattoos

Creative 3d Mens Shaded Black And Grey 3d Cross Back Tattoo

Jesus On The Cross Guys Shaded 3d Back Tattoo Designs