33 Chakra Tattoo Concepts [2020 Inspiration Guide]

For a sensationally stunning sense of serenity, nothing is extra gorgeous than the compelling aura of a Chakra tattoo. These splendidly enlightened shows are imbuing fashionable ink with a trendy dose of transcendence.

Chakra physique artwork is a top-notch development that mixes a latent understanding of vigorous metaphysical power constructions with a forceful eye for summary realism.

These whimsically dynamic creations could be executed in a wide range of fashions.

Finally, there are seven identified chakras, and each corresponds to a distinct a part of the physique. Along with matching distinct anatomical places, each chakra can also be related with a deeper non secular that means. Their innate values are additional denoted by purposefully outlined colorations, and they’re vertically stacked to ship a vivacious affect.

Most chakra tattoos function a condensed diagram of the seven chakras, and this system fully captures their enlivening interpolation. Some consultants take an alternate route by aiming for a full-size replication of the chart. This path entails getting seven separate tattoos within the correct spots of all seven orbs.

Some devoted practitioners notice the existence of extra chakras past the preliminary seven, so these could be revealed as properly. To completely comprehend the magical awe of chakra ink, simply take a second to peruse our handcrafted stock of concepts beneath.

1. Forearm Chakras Tattoos

Black Ink Outline Male Chakras Tattoo Design On Forearms

Dotwork Guys Chakras Inner Forearm Tattoos

Geometrical Red Ink Chakras Mens Inner Forearm Tattoo

Male With Watercolor Chakras Tattoo On Inner Forearms

Mens Black Ink Outlien Chakras Inner Forearm Tattoo

Minimalist Guys Chakras Inner Forearm Tattoos

Outer Forearm Chakras Tattoo On Gentleman

Religious Mens Om Chakras Inner Forearm Tattoo

Inner Forearm Simple Chakras Black Ink Male Religious Tattoo Ideas

Man With Chakras Tattoo On Outer Forearms


2. Arm Chakras Tattoos

Black Ink With Watercolor Chakras Mens Arm Tattoos


3. Chest Chakras Tattoos

Cool Mens Watercolor Chakras Bad Karma Chest Tattoo

Abstract Chakras Mens Triangle Tattoo On Chest

Colorful Geometrical Chakras Tattoo On Mans Upper Chest

Mens Seven Chakras Full Chest Tattoo

Colorful Male Chakras Tattoo On Upper Chest


4. Sleeve Chakras Tattoos

Chakras Sleeve Mens Tattoo Ideas


5. Again Chakras Tattoos

Cool Guys Snake Chakras Full Back Tattoos

Geometrical Male Chakras Circle Back Tattoos

Mens Upper Back Spiritual Chakras Tattoo Design

Religious Male Chakras Full Back Tattoos

Upper Back Om Chakras Mens Tattoos

Ornate Flower Chakras Mens Back Tattoos


6. Aspect Chakras Tattoos

Rib Cage Side Chakras Tattoos For Guys


7. Leg Chakras Tattoos

Lower Leg Chakras Tattoo For Men


8. Backbone Chakras Tattoos

Black Ink Chakras Male Spine Tattoo Designs

Color Male Chakras Spine Tattoo Design Inspiration

Gentleman With Chakras Spine Tattoo Black Ink Dotwork Design

Mens Spine Chakras Tattoo Designs

Dna Helix Strand Chakras Mens Spine Tattoos

Masculine Guys Spine Tattoo Of Chakras Design

Mens Spiritual Power Chakras Tattoo On Spine With Black Ink Design

Wings With Chakras Mens Back And Spien Tattoos