20 Jesus Hand Tattoo Designs For Men – Christ Ink Ideas

Handle any challenge with power with the Jesus hand tattoo. These Jesus portrait or face design allows you to face any issue with inner strength.

As the great giver who took on the world with nailed hands to prove it, these tattoo transcribes the same power onto your hands.

With this traditional hand tattoo, you can man up and conquer any manual deed.

More than any other tattoo type, hand tattoos can emphasize supernatural and spiritual meaning. Not only does a man perform some of his most important deeds with his own hands, but most spiritual traditions believe that God fashioned man with His own hands. Place your most important symbols on the hands as a powerful denotation of dexterity and determination to overcome all things.

More than mastering your handiwork, the Jesus hand tattoo offers stellar chances for customization. Because of its bold placement, the Jesus portrait hand tattoo emphasizes personalization. Place the portrait on fingers as a digital reminder of determination, or even position it on the palm of your hand.

You can broaden your spiritual horizons by etching this portrait on the back of your hand, so that whenever your brandish your fists, you show fearlessness and fortitude. This portrait ensures that you are prepared for the fight of your life. Guarantee any goals are within grasp with this hand tattoo.


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